Working with Me & the Tarot Cards

Hi you, rockstar! 

it’s me Marie. So awesome you’re here! 

I wanna tell you a little bit about how I work with the tarot cards and exactly WHY/HOW they can help you.

When it comes to reading the Tarot, I’m a mix of the Magician card and the Hermit.

These are two cards found in the deck and represent different archetypes of the human personality. This means I’m born with a deeper connection to the physic realms than others may be, and that it is a part of my souls purpose to help others on their paths.

I bridge the world of spirit and the world of humanity. I take the energies from out there down to here, where you are. This enables me to see what the heck is going on around you. 

When I pull a card, or work with you in general in coaching sessions, the power of the Universe (spirit/intuition/higher knowledge/the self) runs through my veins with the speed of a racehorse into the physical plane and onto the cards/person in front of me.

Sounds woo-woo? Really, it isn’t. Let me explain.

It is simply intuition. In modern words: I’m like your speed-dial number linking you to your own intuition. 

There’s no Harry Potter about it. You may already have the sense yourself that sometimes an intuitive wisdom is moving ‘through you’. Like you’re being guided by something else than yourself, telling you what to do and speaking to you (note: this often happens in the most weird places). You can’t really explain it, you just know it by the way it feels.


Then you’ve defiantly come to the right place. 

This is what I do. I’m working out how to use the energies around you, see through the clutter and tap into the consciousness  surrounding us all to help YOU manifest your goals and guide your way on.

This enables me to help you solve your problems, get your shit together and get clear answers to your questions. Whether it be career, finances, love and relationships, projects and what have you. 




Besides the fact that I hate to have unspoken thoughts and have an incessant need to over-share things, a much bigger mission is bubbling underneath the surface.


  • I believe… that we are all born with the capability to create the life of our dreams
  • I hope to… inspire you to look at yourself. Your life. Your body and soul with more loving and kind eyes. Even if that might for some (I fall in and out of this category myself) requires a pair of (new) glasses to see things more clear! 
  • I want to provide you with strengthening tools, easy tips and doable strategies so you can make better choices for YOU and learn how to follow or re-connect with your inner guide
  • My vision is to… create a happy and kind space, where you are allowed – AND encouraged to be exactly WHO YOU ARE, have lots of fun and feel supported

Hopefully, this space will help you become sculpted, centered and satisfied in your own life – no matter what life throws at you. If I can accomplish that, then I’ve done what I intend and am meant to do.

You may disagree or don’t understand what I’m talking about. And that’s totally ok. You’re allowed to be you and have your point-of-view too. Some of the stuff I share may be too woowoo for you.


From the bottom of my heart –

I encourage you to ask, speak up, to be and do you,

Feeling as KIND Inside as you can!