The Unknown Reason Self-care feels like a chore

The unknown reason self-care feels like a chore – and what Ceres has to do with it

You have tried them all. The self-care suggestions. From throwing yourself a dance party, scheduling a day for yourself, buying fresh flowers at the farmers market and indulged in the homemade so-called “healthy, guilt-free” desserts.  Yet still, the rose-florets, lavender incented, magnesium salt-loaded bubble bath just doesn’t feel right.  So you grab your phone and once again consult Instagram, scanning obsessively through the hashtag #SelfCareSaturday. You rechase your steps; “What can I possibly have done wrong?”   You did exactly what they said, followed the laid out guidelines down to a T and even purchased the suggested “good-vibes only frequency-filled, reiki-blessed” limited-edition bath salt the celebrities praise (even though it cost you one week’s salary).  There can only be one conclusion: You suck at self-care! You failed, once again…   The unknown reason self-care feels like a chore I get you. I too have been there. And honestly, I got so sick and tired of feeling like a fraud that I decided to investigate the issue and find the real reason the hashtagged self-care tips just didn’t ring true to me. Yes, my friend,  this too is written in the stars. Your birth chart is your unique blueprint, showing your personality traits, and symbolizes the […]


Do you want to control everything? 3 breathing exercises to help loosen up

  If you are anything like me, from time to time you want to control everything. You feel most comfortable when knowing what is going to happen next and how… why… when to stir the ship in the “right” direction. Behind the scenes, you might desire to be more Pheobe-like, surrendering to the flow, but your mind keeps portraying the obsessive-planning Monica. You are lead by your will to do something. Head first! But honestly, how comfortable does this really make you feel in your physical body? There’s a fine balance between being a control geek and being a control-freak. And today, I am sharing with you 3 breathing exercises to help loosen up your grip, and more importantly: how to notice when you need to?        Physical Signs of Controlling  When something is important to us, we want the will to do it and push through with our best intention. We spend hours and hours grinding. But what often happens is that we get too caught up in the detail and lose ourselves in the process. We try to control ev-e-ry-thing. That’s when we stop allowing things to flow. This can happen with relationships, work, projects, personal goals, and many […]

Skeptic about tarot and spirituality

Skeptical about tarot? Here is what you need to know

Skeptical about tarot? Here is what you need to know  If you are one of many who is skeptical about tarot and spirituality, today’s post is aimed for you.  Maybe you fret it because you think tarot is all about telling the future and horrible predictions about what will happen to you? Or perhaps you believe it is just random douchebag-people making money off people’s fears?    I get you. So did I.   With a master in law and working in the sales, fashion and corporate world for years, magical ‘playing cards’ with lions being tamed, towers exploding, magicians, cups and charming knights, didn’t ring any sense to my logical mind.   On team skeptic? This is the real magic behind tarot In my mid-twenties, my bank account was suffering, I was unemployed, yet spending thousands of dollars on coaches, personal trainers and products to help me gain back confidence and to find myself. I did what many do. Sought outside me.  Rather prejudiced, however, I had come to a point in life, where I would do anything to find a solution. I was desperate for healing. Answers I could actually use. So despite the secret kept fact that […]


The missing piece to mindfulness

How puzzles taught me mindfulness and helped me re-connect with my inner child A few years back I found myself hitting rock-bottom. Actually, it doesn’t qualify as a hit. Rather it was a five-year-long walk towards a complete breakdown of my body, soul, and mind. The wrack in my ship was caused by a great weight loss, after +10 years of constant bullying, crossing path with my compulsive perfectionist-personality during law school (shout out to my Libra moon, Virgo South Node in 3rd house). This new-found model-body-be-and-look-perfect-every-damn-day was fueled with weekly cocktails at the clubs, daily anxiety, love-troubles, self-doubt, and great confusion. Of course, one would say, it gave birth to an eating disorder. A severe one.   Before mindfulness comes mind-full-ness Come 2013 the depressive eating disorder finally escalated to the levels of deathly fueled by the stress from eating way too little, exercising way too much (day and night!) and a mind full of a boozing mixture consisting of an overdose of self-hating and self-neglecting thoughts. As I was hospitalized at my parents’ house, unable nor allowed to do much at all (not even vacuum cleaning), I was forced to be with myself and my thoughts. My shadows. My […]


New Moon in Virgo: Time to purify your life

When the Moon dances with the Sun in the sign of Virgo, it is time to purify your life. It is time to hone your inner Monica Geller and do some serious housecleaning – inside and outside.   This New Moon in Virgo on the 9thof September brings forth the annual opportunity to clean out, to perfect, to scale down and get back to only doing what is sacred and matters; only possessing what is needed (and give the rest away!) and simply saying the necessary. We are asked to dive deep into our own webs and see how we orchestra our daily patterns, habits, and ways we operate. Does it sound like sweet music or completely off tune?   Virgo is the Monica of the Zodiac. And come on, who doesn’t love Monica?   She’s The One with the planning tools. The One that discerns things, connects them. The One in control. The One that goes about her day (and everything else!) in a practical way, prioritized and structured way. But how to do this if you aren’t a Monica-person? If Rachel is more relatable, or Chandler for that sake? Or if you are just a human in a stressful, modern […]


Saturn Goes Direct – This is what you will get

Saturn goes direct – this is what you will get When Saturn goes direct tomorrow on the 6th of September it marks the end of the slow motion in our career, health and daily-responsibility corners of the boxing ring. Anyone else who has felt like a knocked-out leftover cocktail, stuck in the mud made up by equal parts anxiety, health hick-ups, and aaaargh-no-more-responsibilities? (Do please let me know down in the comments below, I’m not the only one!) Moving out of its retrograde through structured Capricorn, Saturn’s forward motion may very likely make you want to put the pedal to the metal and forge ahead as it gains momentum over the next following days. You’re willing to put in the effort it takes to reach your goals – and you expect the same from others. But not so fast my friend!   The Tarot cards for Saturn Direct 2018 The cards that came up today as I did a reading for the collective – The Knight of Wands reversed + the Hierophant – ask us to hold our almighty unicorns for just a little longer.   With any retrograde we are invited to do some deep soul review, research and re-treat our […]


Full Moon in Pisces – Take a break and dive deep

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! Are you ready to take a break in the blue, green, turquoise colored waters of your subconscious? To dive deep into dreamland and soak up in the emotions, swimming among the wavy dreams, the unspoken and unexpressed feelings you hold within. Ruled by the Queen of Cups, the Pisces Moon on the 26th of August asks us to walk with spirit as our most intimate companion. With ourselves, that is. With the sun’s move into Virgo (opposite the moon) a few days before the full moon in Pisces on the 23rd of August, you may feel the pull to dance with your perfectionism. That’s the way to unlock the treasure boxes loaded with wishes, visions, and goals, and manifest what you want, right? Your Virgo knows that while you may be good at what you do—you are not that good! There’s room for progress, perfection and ‘betterness‘ in all areas of your life (look to the house in your chart that Virgo rules for specific guidance. Don’t know which house? Check it in your free chart here). But with the full moon in dreamy Pisces, your fishy-friends are here to save the day. To help you dream and […]

the Fool tarot

Taking that first risky step

How many times how you found yourself standing on the edge of something new? About to take that first risky step. Maybe you have been keen on moving to another city. Maybe you have been dating for a while and are now considering how to best opening up the oh-so-dreaded relationship-conversation. Or perhaps you are – like me – about to burst into a new adventure. Something that is so dear to your heart and soul, yet the same thing that you’ve been putting on for so long, afraid/uncertain of the outcome.  If you are just a slight familiar with self-development and such areas of the tremendous buffet of life, it’s very likely you know the quote:    “The Universe (God, Spirit or whoever you resonate with) has your back”    Phew! I love to know that my back is guarded. But. What about my front? My swimming dive lesson made me look like a fool As a child, I went to the mandatory swimming lesson in school and was to learn how to dive into the water. As someone who wasn’t the first to hit the waves in general, I dreaded the situation. Sitting on the edge of the […]

Tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017

Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Cancer 2017

Kicking off the new year with a highly emotional moon taking place in the mother sign of the zodiac. In order to come around this the best way possible, today I give you the tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017. Full Moon in Cancer Do you feel a bit more sensitive than usually, yet determined to move and take action? We’re experiencing a very special and rare full moon as all planets are moving direct during this time for the first time in seven years. Wowzah, I know!  With all planets heading forward our egos may want to push our own agendas and forge ahead with will power. However, that would be a mistaken determination and be the exact opposite of the intention behind working with Miss Mother Nature.    So how do we use this energy to our advantage while remaining respectful of the need for release and emotional illumination?   Usually, a full moon makes us feel more powerful. However, when the moon shines brightly in cancer, we are reminded to be still!  There’s a time to advance and a time to retreat.   Cancer wants us to crawl back into our shells. In-wards we must go if we wanna […]