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The unknown reason self-care feels like a chore – and what Ceres has to do with it

The Unknown Reason Self-care feels like a chore

You have tried them all. The self-care suggestions. From throwing yourself a dance party, scheduling a day for yourself, buying fresh flowers at the farmers market and indulged in the homemade so-called “healthy, guilt-free” desserts. 

Yet still, the rose-florets, lavender incented, magnesium salt-loaded bubble bath just doesn’t feel right. 

So you grab your phone and once again consult Instagram, scanning obsessively through the hashtag #SelfCareSaturday. You rechase your steps;

“What can I possibly have done wrong?”




You did exactly what they said, followed the laid out guidelines down to a T and even purchased the suggested “good-vibes only frequency-filled, reiki-blessed” limited-edition bath salt the celebrities praise (even though it cost you one week’s salary). 

There can only be one conclusion:

You suck at self-care!

You failed, once again…


The unknown reason self-care feels like a chore

I get you. I too have been there. And honestly, I got so sick and tired of feeling like a fraud that I decided to investigate the issue and find the real reason the hashtagged self-care tips just didn’t ring true to me.

Yes, my friend,  this too is written in the stars.

Your birth chart is your unique blueprint, showing your personality traits, and symbolizes the raw materials you’ve been given from which to fashion your life. It is like your personal facture settings. Just like you can take a computer or phone and customize it with your favorite apps, programs, and backgrounds, so too can you personalize your own life along the spectrum of the choices and decisions you make.

Sorry to be the one breaking the news, but the unknown reason self-care feels like a chore IS because it hasn’t been embodied in the way that resonates with your own unique soul.

Now I could leave you hanging here, but that wouldn’t be fair.

So below I share where to look in your chart so you too can become a master of self-care.



Meet the dwarf planet/asteroid, Ceres.

Like the way Venus and the Moon influence our chart, Ceres also represent the intrinsically feminine aspects of our personality.

The most all-encompassing way to describe Ceres is the Earth Mother. She rules over health, nutrition, agriculture, and overall, a universal nourishing that permeates everything we touch and are touched by. (Her Greek Goddess name is: Demeter)

She also symbolizes fertility, the transitions a woman experiences through the various stages in her life, motherhood, and the fierce energy that family relationships are intertwined with. 

You know how deep, dark, and beautiful a mother’s love is?

It’s so strong, the sharpest and most indestructible knife couldn’t carve a mark into it. Ceres represents that depth of love that sits within all of us. 

Ceres describes what we need to feel nurtured, cared for and how we nurture those around us.

Remember that motherhood doesn’t mean having biological babies per se. Ceres breathes life into the principle of mothering someone (a pet, a friend, family or your inner child) or something like a project, business etc.


Which type of self-care is best for you?

Knowing what Ceres has to do with it, it’s easy to dive into your natal chart to discover which type of self-care is best for you.

You can look up your chart for free at www.astro.com and pull your personal birth chart by creating a “guest-user”. Click ‘Free Horoscopes’ at the menu bar. Choose ‘Extended Chart Selection’. Type in all the info on your birth and press ‘Show Chart’.

Then this page below will show up. Scroll down to ‘Additional Objects’ and you will see a list of asteroids and points in the chart.

Click Ceres, and press ‘Click here to show the chart’.



Now you’ll see a zodiac wheel aka your birth chart.

To locate Ceres, you want to look for her glyph – which looks like this: 


Ceres in your chart

Once found, you simply take whatever astrological sign that is associated with the house Ceres resides in and let that inform which type of self-care is best for you, and how this takes shape in your world.

For example, if it’s in Aries, you may feel best when taking action on something on your own, physically moving your body and helping others through encouragement and power. Ie. bubble baths or naps are so NOT ideal.

If it’s Gemini maybe your love extends through conversations, journaling, art projects, and cultivating freedom and independence for your loved ones. In Taurus, your love might take the form of fierce and uncompromising devotion, as well as a foundation of stability. All things earthy, beautiful and exploration through your five senses makes you feel nurtured. Hello, body-massages, fresh flowers, and grounding in nature.

Scorpio? Intimacy, touch, and playfulness are key. Get your sexy on – alone and/or with a partner. Upgrading your wardrobe with some lustful lingerie like BexNYC can make you feel mysterious. 

Is Ceres housed in Sagittarius, then traveling, reading up on philosophy, sharing wisdom and go on adventures are something that could hit a home run for you. Picses? The ocean and water is your place to retreat, and where you can de-stress from all the nurturing you tend to give to others. Naps, meditation, and day-dreaming also tend to fill up your cup. 


which type of self care is best for you


There you have it. Have fun with it. I encourage you to venture down your own unique route; do your thing even when it doesn’t fall under the usual hashtagged #selfcarerituals. (Yes, my Ceres is in Aries).


30 min Self-Care Session

If you want to dive deeper into this and get the best tips and strategies for you, I am offering a 30 min Self-Care Session specially designed for this purpose.

You can find more info and book it right away by clicking here or the image below: 


The Best Type of Self-Care For You session

Self-Care by the Stars – 30 min Session



Any questions or comments, feel free to share in the comments below or get in touch. I am eager to hear your thoughts on this and how now knowing the unknown reason self-care feels like a chore, may help you nurture yourself in the future.


As always, with love

Photo Credits: Featured image by @ashleymeadahl

Meme by @inked.mystic

Dog in bath found here and my own design

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