Burning question?   Tricky decision?   Crappy situation? 


In any case, you are looking for answers to the questions currently taking residence in your mind. Now!


A tarot reading can help you bring you just that by giving you a snap-shot of the situation and guiding you to different ways to move forward with more confidence and clarity. A tarot reading doesn’t solve your problems like a magic wand or spell (would be awesome though, I know!), but instead gives you a clear perspective on the matter at hand so you can best make a decision aligned with your own truth. 



Through a tarot reading we can examine:


Your love life – Currently single? Find out how you can find your soulmate.

Your relationships – Wondering whether things will work out? Find out how your partner feels about you.

Your career – Stuck in a job you don’t like? Discover what you need to do to find something you love doing.

Your business – What can help the business grow, where is it headed?

Your future –  Feeling a (little bit) lost? Let’s see what the future has in store for you.

Big decisions – Not sure what to do (moving, job, yes/no)? Understanding the outcomes of either path and how it affects your life.

Your spirituality/mental health – Feeling numbed-down, depressed or stuck in the mud? Discover how you can move forward on your spiritual path.


These are just examples, however – you can ask the tarot (almost) any question you have. Read my terms and conditions to see, what I do not read about. 



How a tarot reading with me works

In-person / Online reading

 Booking: You book a time online via the shop and send me your question

 Before the reading: No need to prepare. Don’t be scared or anxious about what may come up, instead, feel empowered because you have chosen to seek a solution and answer 

 On the day: We meet online (skype)/at the chosen location and I will give you a quick introduction, making you feel comfortable about the tarot


The session:

 In-person: You will shuffle the deck and pick the cards. One after one we reveal them and I walk you through the cards through a conversation with you on the images, feelings, and energies

 Online: I shuffle the deck and together we will see what comes up. I will show them to you and together we tap into them as described above


After the reading:

 You may ask a free additional/clarifying question up to 3 days after your reading

 I encourage you to share your feedback with me

 3 months later I will check in with you (if okay) to see how things have evolved and unfolded in your life




After receiving your request (booking via the shop), allow me 3-5 working days to read your cards. Once completed you will receive a personal well written and thoughtful PDF-file via email. It is illustrated with close-up pictures of the cards and full of ideas for you to consider as you map out your next steps.





How I read tarot

My approach is very modern and with a logical mindset. I don’t wear a fancy hat or wave a magic wand. I meet my in-person clients at hotels lobbies, parks or local cafés, as I connect via the world where life happens.

My readings are always read and interpreted from a place of love, energy, and encouragement. I mix my intuitive skills with my tested tools and draw on my own experiences to read, analyze and heal. This enables me to help you see how the insights and gems revealed in the cards can be applied to your life, business and what have you.

I do not believe that the cards predict the future and I will not tell you ‘what is going to happen to you’. I also will not tell you what another person is thinking or feeling. As with everything in life, always remember YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FREE WILL.

The tarot cards and I are here to hold and create a space for you, helping you to open up to see, understand and receive the right answers for you. 





Terms and Conditions can be found here