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Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Cancer 2017

Tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017

Kicking off the new year with a highly emotional moon taking place in the mother sign of the zodiac. In order to come around this the best way possible, today I give you the tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017.

Full Moon in Cancer

Do you feel a bit more sensitive than usually, yet determined to move and take action?

We’re experiencing a very special and rare full moon as all planets are moving direct during this time for the first time in seven years. Wowzah, I know! 

With all planets heading forward our egos may want to push our own agendas and forge ahead with will power. However, that would be a mistaken determination and be the exact opposite of the intention behind working with Miss Mother Nature. 


So how do we use this energy to our advantage while remaining respectful of the need for release and emotional illumination?


Usually, a full moon makes us feel more powerful. However, when the moon shines brightly in cancer, we are reminded to be still! 

There’s a time to advance and a time to retreat.  

Cancer wants us to crawl back into our shells. In-wards we must go if we wanna release and grow. It’s asking us to strip down our armor, to be cracked open and raise the white flag, feel the deepest feelings, and give thanks for being alive at all!

So use these special energies above us to put yourself out and let the open air heal all the wounds.

Actually, this is the perfect time to make a serious January-detox of your inner self, as the light of a full moon illuminates what is usually hidden in the dark. Pay close attention to your dreams or any intuitive thoughts that may pop up for you during this time, as they are more likely to rise from your subconscious mind.

You can harvest the benefits from the outer planets directions to bring forth even deeper relief and positive results in your emotional life. 

Any task you embark on during this full moon is certain to succeed: if you ask, it will be given!


One big question remains; What areas of your life is asking to be shined some light on? 


In order to help you to get some points to focus upon, here’s the spread I used for the tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017.


Tarot Spread for tarot reading for full moon in cancer 2017



Tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017

The majority of the cards that I pulled came up in reversed positions, and I do believe it’s the Universe using the light of the full moon to underline the need to go inwards.

In my tarot readings, I like to interpret reversed cards as a sign guiding us to take a look at our inner selves instead of focusing on the outer realms. So this reading matches and captures the deep intentions behind this full moon perfectly. 


1. Where is your emotional self right now? Father of pentacles 

The father of pentacles shows me you do have the wealth, family and home aspects of life in stable, secure ground. You may have to spend a great amount of time working on these areas of life and have reached some sort of emotional plateau. If not, peace and serenity are on their way.

In this present position, he offers you a unique opportunity to take stock of where you have been and what you want to do with your life. 

Yet something seems to hold you back from breaking that plateau, as the second card reveals.


2. What insecurities do I need to face? Father of cups reversed

Underneath your insecurities resides your unique and dynamic personality – the one that is secured by the root chakra stability found in the father of pentacles. 

However in it’s reversed position, the father of cups shows you still have some vast insecurities deeply rooted in your emotions. Your solar plexus and heart chakra seem to be suffering, spinning at a lower speed and may even be closed. 

Are you letting your feelings control your life? Are you depending too much on others or view yourself through the eyes of others. 

This may lead you to fall into delusions or alcoholism/disordered eating (literally drinking of the cup!), or others forms of escapism to deal with your emotional pain. Thus leaving you even more insecure and unsatisfied with yourself.


3. How can you nurture yourself through this transit? Five of Swords

Lay your sword down! Like Seriously. 

Instead of letting your emotions turn you into a loose canon, shooting at everyone whenever the slightest thing upsets you (your ego!), learn to be compassionate and understanding. Towards others and towards yourself. 

Remember that we are all ‘one’ and being either right or wrong is of such little consequence compared to expressing an understanding of our Oneness with others. 

Oftentimes our insecurities can lead us to project onto the other person some trait or characteristic that we dislike in ourselves. Stop, pause, and breathe. Count to ten and think again!


4. What changes are in the works for you? The star reversed

Is your faith and trust in alignment? Properly not as those higher chakras that control these aspects (third eye and crown chakra) are depending on the energy flow from the heart chakra. 

This card tells me you’ll be likely to see some Spiritual disturbance.

Instead of hope, you are feeling despair or discouragement. Instead of being filled with positive possibilities, you find yourself dwelling on negative issues. Exactly what the father of cups shows.

Negative thoughts will wear away at you to the point where you may give up control of the situation and concede defeat, or rush into fighting mode, as in the five of swords. 

To remedy this, the reversed Star suggests you identify what is making you feel discouraged or overwhelmed and work on moving past these issues. They can take on an importance far greater than they deserve and can hold you back from breaking the plateau and reach your bigger abundant desires. Don’t let them! 

Remember there’s only love or fear. Choose love, my dear, as the star represent love, faith, and trust in its very essence. Even so in the reversed position as it reminds you about the importance to re-connect with faith.


5. The outcome of this full moon in cancer: Son of swords reversed

Oh my, you just can’t make this stuff up!

This card reminds you what may happen if you let your feelings get away with you and keep up the swords.

The swords suit represents our mind and thoughts.

Your head is filled with ideas, mental clutter and ‘To Do’ lists rooted in the material world (father of pentacles), therefore you are going to struggle to connect with your spiritual self (the star!).

By holding on too tight to you guards you will create mental clutter, leading you to fight rather than show compassion.

The Son of Swords is us when we become almost too active and restless to really settle down. How can you become silent and spiritually connected, when your mind is hyperactive? 

Holding on too tight to you guards leaves you no free space to love, hence leading you to fight rather than show compassion. The Son of Swords reversed, in essence, represents us when we become almost too active and restless to really settle down.

How can you become silent and spiritually connected, when your mind is hyperactive? 




A mantra card for the heart chakra from

the Chakra System Mantra deck


The Sum-up Guidance

To get the most out of the energies during this time the tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017 suggests that you need to slow down, and give yourself space, time and self-care to deepen your connection and understanding of yourself. 

Learn to see your feelings for what they are. Feelings. They are not you. And you are certainly not them. Don’t let your sneaky tricky mind make you believe otherwise.

Use the mothering, nurturing cancer energy to learn to love yourself and trust in your own capabilities – you are a colorful star! 

In the middle of the spread is a mantra for the heart chakra from Chakra System Mantra deck, as I think this is the perfect way to affirm the way around this.


I send out love to everyone around me, even to people I don’t like.

When I can love my enemies they become my friends



I know this may require some deep work, but please keep the faith and trust the process – it will only be for the better. The sooner you feel, the sooner you heal 




Kind kisses



Tarot Deck used for the reading:

The stunning beautiful tarot deck by The Wild Unknown

The empowering affirming Chakra System Mantra deck by yours truly

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