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Taking that first risky step

the Fool tarot

“When you take that first risky step towards the truth, the Universe takes a thousand towards you”…..

How many times how you found yourself standing on the edge of something new? About to take that first risky step.

Maybe you have been keen on moving to another city. Maybe you have been dating for a while and are now considering how to best opening up the oh-so-dreaded relationship-conversation. Or perhaps you are – like me – about to burst into a new adventure.

Something that is so dear to your heart and soul, yet the same thing that you’ve been putting on for so long, afraid/uncertain of the outcome. 

If you are just a slight familiar with self-development and such areas of the tremendous buffet of life, it’s very likely you know the quote:


 “The Universe (God, Spirit or whoever you resonate with) has your back” 


Phew! I love to know that my back is guarded.

But. What about my front?

My swimming dive lesson made me look like a fool

As a child, I went to the mandatory swimming lesson in school and was to learn how to dive into the water. As someone who wasn’t the first to hit the waves in general, I dreaded the situation. Sitting on the edge of the pool, I was in tears as the instructor told me how to tilt forward and imagine I was a dolphin diving in the ocean.

“The water will catch you, you won’t be hurt”.

All the other kids (my twin brother included) were already in the pool, having a great laugh and waited for me to take the leap of faith. Or rather, awaiting my anticipated not-so-graceful, painful encounter with the water.

Few minutes passed before I courageously inhaled, pinched my eyes, covered the nose with one hand while holding the other somewhat in front of my body and chatting with Flipper in my head. This poem by Guillaume Apollinaire pretty much sums up my internal conversation:

“Come to the edge.”
“We can’t. We’re afraid.”
“Come to the edge.”
“We can’t. We will fall.”
“Come to the edge.”
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And (…)”


SPLASH! My breath was gone. My stomach punched flat by the water, and my face felt like smashing into the ground, free-falling: A plain-picture-perfect belly flop! 


The Lesson from diving class:

So what does this story (trauma! I have hated pools and swimming ever since) has to do with you taking that first risky step in your own life? 

Let me tell you.

Past disappointments and rejections (this is worth another blog post) can leave us feeling cynical and bitter, hence we construct our own layers of protection, making us feel safe from being hurt in that way ever again. 

When we are then to put ourselves out there and venture into something new, we often hold up our shields of protection in front of us – aiming to cover ourselves against any potential pain that may or may not await us. 

Now in my diving-story, if I’d followed instructions and held my arms straight above my head, my hands would have parted the water, creating an entry point for the rest of my body to slide gracefully at least — and painlessly — into the water. 

However, as you already know, I didn’t. I was too afraid to trust fully in the offered guidance. I didn’t dare to free myself enough to make the simple physics of water-diving at play do their work. 

What happens when you fully trust the guidance, the call you receive to go-ahead and take that risky first step by doing just exactly what you are told by your guide (inner voice/nagging feeling inside)?


You make yourself vulnerable.

You let go of all your fears in one-single-move.


Opening up is daunting as f***. Who knows what will happen next?

Our brains don’t like change and uncertainty. No one does. But at the same time, lowering your shield gives way for potential happiness, success, relationships and swan dives in that area of life. Which is more painful?



Tarot – The Fool – The beginning of a new journey

The Fool – The beginning of any journey

In Tarot we see this embodied in the very first card of the deck.

Known as The Fool, this card accumulates all the thoughts and feelings that we experience when we are standing on the edge of something new. Partly yearning to forge ahead and taking that first risky step, partly pausing to “enjoy” the views just a little bit longer, please (ahem, excuse?)

For some (myself included) the “fool” card often makes us question ourselves. Afterall, who wants to be seen as

“… a person who behaves in a silly way without thinking” right?!

But then, if you look at the examples the Cambridge Dictionary gives

  • You fool, you missed your chance!
  • He’s a fool if he thinks she still loves him.

it might be worthy of giving a second thought, as it appears to be oxymorons.

Sure it’s a bummer to miss out on a chance, but if we compare this example with taking that first risky step, a step is required to even have a shot at that very change, you don’t want to miss. 

In other words, you have to make the decision to move ahead, armored or not.

Same goes for our love stories. Ok, I admit first-up, it does hurt to strip down your shield as you crack-open your heart to the person you hope to get-to-the-next-level with.

But isn’t it better at the end of the day to know if he/she loves you too?

Keeping yourself in a headlock with your mind playing ping-pong and second-guessing each and every message you type to that person ends up becoming foolish because you no longer think, but instead give your conscious away to the hamster wheel you’re spinning.

So how can we use the Fool as an ally as we take our first step?

The Fool in the tarot asks us to keep an open mind, to be okay with not knowing anything – besides owning the wisdom, we already possess (often far more than we give ourselves credit for!).

Keeping an open mind and heart to all lessons we will eventually encounter, enables us to embrace the need for change so much that we dare to willingly step into the unknown, despite any accumulated undesirable uncertainty. 

What does this mean for you?

It means you always get a shot at life. And another one. And another one. And another one…

Today I encourage you to take a moment and consider what edge you’re standing/sitting/starring at right now? What have you put off doing that you really, really wanted to? For whatever reason, fear, money, lack of confidence.

Today is like a free ticket to taking that risky first step.

And I know for sure that if you dare to trust that both your back and your front are looked after, you are much more likely to venture on gracefully than painfully.

As always, with love

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