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Skeptical about tarot? Here is what you need to know

Skeptic about tarot and spirituality

Skeptical about tarot? Here is what you need to know 

If you are one of many who is skeptical about tarot and spirituality, today’s post is aimed for you. 

Maybe you fret it because you think tarot is all about telling the future and horrible predictions about what will happen to you? Or perhaps you believe it is just random douchebag-people making money off people’s fears? 


I get you. So did I.


With a master in law and working in the sales, fashion and corporate world for years, magical ‘playing cards’ with lions being tamed, towers exploding, magicians, cups and charming knights, didn’t ring any sense to my logical mind.


On team skeptic? This is the real magic behind tarot

In my mid-twenties, my bank account was suffering, I was unemployed, yet spending thousands of dollars on coaches, personal trainers and products to help me gain back confidence and to find myself. I did what many do. Sought outside me. 

Rather prejudiced, however, I had come to a point in life, where I would do anything to find a solution. I was desperate for healing. Answers I could actually use.

So despite the secret kept fact that 1) ‘Sabrina – The Teenage Witch’ was my absolute favorite TV-show growing up, 2) I dreamed of living in the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts, and 3) I was naturally drawn to everything magical, I went in to the practice of tarot very skeptical and thinking I would find it all hooey and woo-wooey.

After all, I had grown up now, right.


Let me tell you the secret I discovered…


skeptic about tarot

Tarot business & life reading



The tarot cards do not tell you what’s going to happen! 

They simply allow you to think your question trough in a different way.


Turning to tarot has helped me get to the root cause of my miseries, my mind, my soul. It helps me to find clarity in foggy situations, whatever the topic may be; work, career, body, money, mental health or love. 


It has taught me more about myself like no psychologist or therapist had ever really managed to do (not to say they aren’t good – I still use my coaches, as and when I feel needed to). 


I have gained a huge amount of respect for tarot as a practice, and as a tool to deal with the modern, challenging, life in a more uplifting, co-creating and proactive way! 



A tarot reading answers YOUR question!


How often have you asked a coach, personal trainer, nutritionist or another guru-in-the-field for an answer to your specific problem? How many online-programs have you signed-up for, facebook groups filled with other struggling people all hoping and begging the coach to give the right advice that will work just for you? As mentioned above, I have opted-in to several over the years.


I am not saying this is bad or a waste of money. That the coaches aren’t good. Neither am I telling you to stop doing being a part of an online community.


Instead, I am asking you to stop-up and consider the following:


How much value do you really get?


Do the answers giving in the group really relate to you?


Or is the answers given just a generic answer that according to the books should work for the collective and hopefully would for you too?



Probably the latter. 



Tarot creates a safe and sacred container


Contrary, Tarot, and spirituality for that matter, allow an intimate space to open up, the sort of intense connection that you really don’t get on social media for instance which we all rely on so much nowadays. The tarot reading is yours – and tuned in on you alone – guiding you to the answer to your specific question through the spread and cards that come up in the reading.

People will ask and share their innermost secrets not because I ask them to, but because they see their life in a different light and simply have to share their experiences through the lens of they own discoveries and aha moments. 


I’ve had people sobbing when I’ve read their cards, people telling incredible stories.



This is the beauty and magic of tarot.  



Modern society makes us confused and stressed

Spiritual practices are still viewed as an occult thing, taboo-imposed by the power holding/obsessive, controlling society, leaving many to become a skeptic about tarot considering it to be dangerous witchcraft. 


However, over the past two-three years, I have seen an increased interest in tarot and other practices like astrology, reiki healing, crystals, and even witchcraft as alternative problem-solving remedies. And it only goes up by the day! 


But why? 


We live in a world with great fear, political and social uncertainty, leaving millions of us feeling stressed, confused and depressed. We are literally getting sick and tired by living in a society that just throws everything and everyone into one pot.

With so much outer disturbance and noise to distract, there isn’t allowed much room, if any, for individuality nor for the simple act of listening to oneself. 


dare to ask questions and seek answers to the puzzles of life


This declination and depression of ourselves eventually lead us to turn towards the spiritual and mystical in a hunt for answers, guidance to our own life. 


We turn inward when everything around us seems to fall apart to find balance; to find our own footing. 


Tarot allows us to consider where we fit in the universe. It works as somewhere we can go in with a problem and come out feeling clearer and better about the world (and ourselves). 


A Tarot reading takes us into our subconscious before anything else to find our own answers, to question and connect with our core beliefs and so it helps us build the bridge to the modern world, and shows us how to navigate the stormy waters in a different way; in our own true way. 



 Now over to you:


Have you had a tarot reading?

If no, what makes you stray away? 

Do you use spirituality and other ritual practices on a regular basis?


I’m curious to hear from you whether you are a yay’er or a nay’er. Share your thoughts down below, send a pigeon or easier drop me a message via the contact page



As always, with love


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