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Saturn Goes Direct – This is what you will get

Saturn goes direct – this is what you will get

When Saturn goes direct tomorrow on the 6th of September it marks the end of the slow motion in our career, health and daily-responsibility corners of the boxing ring.

Anyone else who has felt like a knocked-out leftover cocktail, stuck in the mud made up by equal parts anxiety, health hick-ups, and aaaargh-no-more-responsibilities? (Do please let me know down in the comments below, I’m not the only one!)

Moving out of its retrograde through structured Capricorn, Saturn’s forward motion may very likely make you want to put the pedal to the metal and forge ahead as it gains momentum over the next following days. You’re willing to put in the effort it takes to reach your goals – and you expect the same from others.

But not so fast my friend!


The Tarot cards for Saturn Direct 2018

The cards that came up today as I did a reading for the collective – The Knight of Wands reversed + the Hierophant – ask us to hold our almighty unicorns for just a little longer.

 The Knight of Wands + The Hierophant from The Fountain Tarot 


With any retrograde we are invited to do some deep soul review, research and re-treat our steps in the areas of our lives that the planet back-walked in. This time Saturn was in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. To know what area was affected for you, you will have to look at your natal chart and find the house is ruled by Capricorn for you. 

Saturn rewards the hard-working, disciplined and authentic, and is also often referred to as the Karma-King of the solar system

So when he ends his moonwalk and goes direct, the old proverb “you reap what you sow” may show up quite literal; in-your-face that is! But don’t dread it. Even if you haven’t been your best self or living up to your full potential. 


Becoming Steve Jobs: Connect the dots

Just as The Hierophant, Saturn is the great teacher. The teacher who doesn’t give us tickets for the self-blame-fuelled merry-go-round, but instead invites us to seek knowledge, to research and find the silver linings and epiphanies in our endeavors. 

Knowing who you were 5 months ago can shed important light on your karmic journey. Done with purpose and intention, this review of the past can turn you into another Steve Jobs, who connects the dots of what has happened during Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn. 


Both the Hierophant and Saturn is all about responsibility and symbolizes the archetype of the father and other authority figures.

The Knight of Wands is the adventurous teenage-spirit inside us, who is ready to venture on, to take action and go for what he wants with determination fueling his desire to make forward progress. 

When they show up together in a reading like today, it very much reminds of a pushing the kicking and screaming teenager into regular adulting. Which is exactly what the whole retrograde may have felt like for us all anyway.


Questions to consider

The Hierophant shows up as our ally and the Knight of Wands is in reversed position. This means that the “action-driven teenager” acts as an “NB”-sign instead of the forward-striving youngster.

Together they offer an open-hearted invitation from the Universe to pause the horse and WAIT to consider the following questions: 


~ What have I learned about boundaries and hard-work?

~ How am I spending my resources. Do I need to learn a new strategy, change up my saving plan?  

~ What is my body telling me and have I ignored any signals? 

~ How can I best use this knowledge gained to move onwards and take action in a mindful, practical way?

~ How do I recommit to myself and how strong are my boundaries in work/home life?


The way that we put the lessons learned through Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn into action,

will determine how to act and live as adults. 


Becoming an advocate for and take ownership of your own life is utmost important, yet way too often neglected on behalf of the society, career and the care-taking of others. It’s time to take responsibility for ourselves, to stand up and live with maturity. This is one of the key lessons that the cards + energetic shift in the skies has for us these days.


As within, so without

As above, so below


When Saturn goes direct – this is what you will get. 



As always, with love

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