Your Personal Aroma Blend : Essential oil guidance session

$ 55.00

Wouldn’t it be nice if the blends on the shelfs at the mall fit your unique needs? Look no further. In this session I guide you on how to make your personal aroma blend based on your current individual needs (and preferences). Based on our consultation I advice which essential oils can most support you right now, and how to use them.


1:1 Essential Oil Guidance Session ( 30 min)

Whether you are confused which essential oils to pick for your specific needs or you have so many essential oils at home but don’t know how to use them or need help perfecting a blend for your emotional support, stress-management, PMS or DIY skin care / Hair care recipes?


An Essential Oil Guidance Session is perfect for you

This session is ideally suited for those who want to use essential oils for personal wellness, self care, emotional and physical support or fancy making natural holistic beauty products for personal use.

What’s included

During the 30 min session, I will guide you in the selection process of essential oils as well as carrier oils / herbs that you can use for your personal aroma blend. If you already have a blend formula, I will help to adjust & correct it so that it not only performs better but also smell nicer. You can ask as many questions as you want. Send your questions before hand to save time and get all the answers during the session.

The session is pre booked and conducted via zoom meeting.

What’s not included

Please note this service does not include Creation & Development an Essential oil Blend Formula for business purpose as it is a premium and limited service.

This does not include purchasing the oils for your personal aroma blend. You can however snag a 25% discount on oils (and every single order you place through the next 12 months!) by becoming a DoTERRA wholesale member *** (no minimum nor maximum order required, just a fee $25 USD unless you choose an enrollment kit!) and joining my team with free access to amazing educational and helpful resources for your oil journey.

Please check Enroller and sponser ID to be #11580127 

*** As an affiliate and ambassador I earn a small commission on your order(s). This is without costs for you. You can also choose to purchase retail without creating your own account. I only recommend this if you’re only buying one or two oils a year, and know you won’t be needing any others in the future. 


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