The Year Ahead Reading

$ 111.00

If you’re looking for assistance in getting clear about the road ahead, look no further. The Year Ahead Reading is your greatest ally


Uncertain about the future? The Year Ahead Reading is your friend in need. It’s the unique map for your life, one you can (and will) refer to all year as you move along on your path.

This 13 card spread reveals the invitations and opportunities most available to you as the months unfolds. You will get one card for each and a 13th card to represent your unique theme for the 12 months cycle. 

This 60-minute reading can be done in person or remotely, and it doesn’t matter when during the year you get it.

The Year Ahead Reading makes the brilliant reading for your special birthday present to yourself AND to your loved ones. And it works wonders for couples readings too.

*** Remember, the calendar as we live by is man-made, so you have your own free will to start a new year. To write a new chapter in your story any. single. day.

Is today that day?



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