45 Min Tarot Reading // Skype or in Person

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$ 122.00

Are you playing the “What, why and what to do” – ping pong game in your head? 

Then this “Give me a status, warnings, vibes and advice” tarot reading will help you end the game, and win it! 


Feeling stuck in a rut is draining, but with this tarot reading, you will see the situation from another perspective. With this 4 card spread giving you the status, challenge, good vibe and advice on your question, you will get the guidance on how to move on – no matter the topic of concern.


 Where on the path related to your question are you right now // a status of the situation

 What are the challenges surrounding you 

 What works for you // where can you harvest support

 What is the best approach // next step?


This spread is one of the most popular among my customers, as it is simple, quick and easy yet still provides you with an in-depth understanding and crystal-clear points to navigate after. 


45 min skype/online reading

1 review for 45 Min Tarot Reading // Skype or in Person

  1. Marc

    Thanks, Marie… I will be back for more !

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