Sound Healing with Tuning Forks (online)

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Feeling out of whack, energetically drained but unable to break through the blocks no matter how much exercise or meditation you do? Then sound healing with tuning forks may be the helping hand for you.


Sound healing with tuning forks is a gentle, non-invasive acoustic therapy. This sound and vibrational therapy uses solfeggio tuning to help balance the energy of your body. The Solfeggio frequencies are vibrational frequencies that aid in moving energy, removing energy blocks, and increasing energy flow.

As a result, tuning fork therapy may help reduce pain, increase circulation, balance emotions, and increase overall energy.

One of the benefits of sound healing with tuning forks is that you don’t have to talk about your problems – it works somatically, meaning through the body (Soma = body in ‘Greek’). However, I am here to hold space for as much or little you feel like sharing about your current situation and mental, physical or emotional symptoms. Just know, it’s not necessary to share this.  

The inaudible undertones and overtones create an acoustic vibration your body receives which promotes a corrective function within your body.

Each chakra has a different frequency and color associated with it and the different tuning forks correspond with these frequencies. As the colors of a rainbow, each tuning fork (9 in total) resonates to a different frequency – the specific vibration of each chakra, so by moving along these specific energy centers (chakras), the tones can help smooth out the incoherent patterns to restore a more balanced harmonious state of being.

I am trained in making these select ancient tones (solfeggio tuning), and use tuning forks to help your body respond to the vibration by aligning and balancing energy flow and placement.


​After a sound healing session, people tend to feel better spiritually and emotionally. Some other benefits include clarity of thought, focused, feeling energized, balanced, relaxed and peaceful.

Once the body’s energy system has been balanced, the effectiveness of other healing or physical modalities and exercise and diet programs is greatly enhanced.


Important notes:

  • It is important to drink a lot of water after the session and the rest of the day. 
  • You may experience different “detox” symptoms post the session. These will subside in a few hours, and is a sign that your body is releasing old shit and junk (literally). 


The sessions is 30 minutes long, and is conducted online via Zoom or Skype. 


1 review for Sound Healing with Tuning Forks (online)

  1. Adam

    The outcome of Marie’s treatment has gone way beyond my expectations. This is by far the most intuitive, profound, and affective AND affortable treatment I’ve ever had. I didn’t know how powerful sound vibrations can be, but Marie let me have my own experience and created a safe space without any words. She didn’t try to convince me of the healing powers – she just let my body align itself. And it has.

    Since the session my sleep is better, my digestion is back on track and my overall wellbeing has improved. I have only given four stars because I wish the sessions were longer 🙂

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