Astrology: Self-Care by the Stars

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Does self-care feel like a chore to you? You’ve tried everything recommended in the magazines. Yet somehow, gallons of herbal teas, sleep-in Sundays, and yet another bubble bath just don’t do the trick for you. 

With this reading, you get to dive deep into your cosmic blueprint aka astrological birth chart and discover what type of self-care is best for you.


Self-care is so important to boost your wellbeing and revive your mind and body. It’s what you need in order to feel nurtured, cared for and loved. But maybe you struggle with finding the right thing that fuels your engines. That activity, which ticks your boxes and leaves you in a better state, centered and at ease. 

Are you sick and tired of being suggested yet another bubble bath? Another yoga-session or a home-cooking gather-up with your best friends? Because it just feels wrong. Then this session is tailored to you.

During this 30 min reading, we will uncover the best type of self-care for you. You are unique, so what works for the hyped wellness-blogger or celebrity might not be your thing. 

Through the lens of Astrology and specific points in your birth chart, I will help you map out the best strategies for you and your personality. If necessary, I will draw on other tools like tarot, chakra mantras and oracle cards too. 


What is included:

  • 30 min online session, in-person or email reading
  • A quick reference list with suggested strategies and tools that we’ve discussed (send by email)
  • Mantras for you
  • Recording of the session if online

You will leave the session feeling encouraged to base your self-care Sundays on your own blueprint instead of what you read in the mass-media print. 


Note: Providing your birth date, time and location is necessary to pull your chart


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