Reiki Healing

$ 133.00

Healthy chakras are the key to living kind inside in all parts of life! When your life force (chi) is healthy, your body begins to heal itself, your nervous system balances, mental clarity is regained, and spiritual connection grows stronger. Note: MobilePay accepted in Denmark – contact me to book.


Reiki is an ancient healing modality, probably the most known, which uses a gentle (non)-touching approach. It can be performed and received both in-person and remote. For in-person in Denmark – please contact me.

The purpose is to restore a healthy and optimal functioning of the chakras = energy centers in the physical body. The chakras govern and affect us mentality, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and physically. It is a powerfully healing to the body and you will feel more flow and balance in your energy field after just one session. Sometimes we need just one healing, other times more.

During the session, you will be laying or sitting down in a comfortable position. On my end, I will tap into the Universal Life Force Energy (aka Chi or Prana) and open up the channels via my connection to source and allow them to flow through me to you. We are focusing on removing any energetic blockages which may be inhibiting you from connecting to your own innate healing abilities.

For in-person sessions, I will gently run my hands over your body and move energy around as I am guided to. It is a very gentle healing form. Sometimes I may lay my hands on your body, but I will always ask for permission prior to the session. Reiki healing is just as powerful without the physical touch.

You can come to me with any specific healing intentions you have, whether they be on a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual level. Or maybe you just feel off and icky without being able to point out exactly what’s going on. I can work with that too!


The 60-minute Reiki Session Includes:

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Chakra Reading + Healing + Balancing

  • Intuitive channeling
  • Oracle Card to help keep the results and new energy integrated

Remote sessions are offered via zoom. 

Discounts available on additional follow-up sessions. These must be purchased and booked in within 4 weeks. 


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