Email Tarot Reading for anything

$ 30.00

Quick 3 card tarot readings are just great when you’re in need for guidance… asap! 

This tarot reading simply delivers a fast, clutter-free and straight-to-the-point answer to whatever question you have in mind, and you don’t have to show up – you will receive the answers in your inbox! 


A 3 card tarot reading can cover almost any topic under the sun!

Here are some variations of spreads:

little_logo_flower_universe Past, Present, Future

little_logo_flower_universe Yes, No, Maybe

little_logo_flower_universe Three Choices

little_logo_flower_universe Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

little_logo_flower_universe What you want to do, What you should do, and what you will do

little_logo_flower_universe Outer Conflict, Inner Conflict, The Relationship in general

little_logo_flower_universe The Change, and Two possible outcomes

… Any other variation you can think of!

Of course, there are many more, and we can figure out the best option for you based on your question! Just specify which one you would like, and we can make it happen.

What you will get

little_logo_flower_universe A picture of your personal spread

little_logo_flower_universe An extensive written explanation of your spread 

Please send this information with your order:
1) Your name
2) Your question
3) The 3-Card tarot reading you fancy
4) Your contact email
5) Any additional information you will like to add


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