Manifest Your Quantum Body Energy Upgrade – 75 min session

$ 444.00

Are you ready to go from stuck to unstoppable, but feeling there’s something standing in your way, blocks on the road or a dis-connection from your whole self?

A quantum healing energy upgrade can help you find the reason behind these symptoms, clear and clean your energetic bodies and work with you, intuition and spirit to restore your optimal wellbeing and alignment with your body, soul, self and life. Or what I call: feeling kindinside in all parts of life


Do you feel the burning desire and longing to:

  • End the battle and fight against yourself, your body or people in your life?
  • To re-learn how to listen and rely on the inner, deeper knowing you posses
  • Stop shutting-down out of fear of making a choice that will interfere and irritate others, or make a decision that is considered “wrong”
  • Cut through the mental clutter and end the debate with your mind
  • Get unstuck and move out of the rut because you are no longer afraid of the unknown
  • Dis-cover yourself and align with your core and who you really are / and desire to be
  • Easily make decisions aligned with your greatest goals and reach your deepest desires
  • Manifest your dreams one after another, over and over again


And are you ready to commit to this higher, deeper and even more amazing, powerful version of yourself (who’s just waiting for you to align)? 


Then this Quantum Integrative Upgrade session is for you! 


You come to me as you are right now with a question or two about a specific area in life, self-image or trauma you desire to work with. Either way, I pick up what you’re already feeling about it and where in your energetic field (chakras) you store this trapped energies. 

Together we will expand those thoughts and feelings that help facilitate this home-coming and integrative upgrade. We explore your energy cords and possible blocks you might to help bring attention to where work or clearing needs to be done.

This will energetically shift you in the direction you need to go for healing on your journey. 

I will have intuitive insights and questions that help you arrive to an answer you either might already know deeply within yourself but don’t quite know how to access it.

This session also open up the gateways of potential to connect with your own spirit guides, angels and animals – they are welcomed to come in.

Overall, this is summing up everything I do and have learned and the techniques I use myself. And  I am excited to facilitate the energetic shift you desire and help you break loose your blockages, so you can leave the session feeling light, more open and true to yourself.

This comes with a short n’ sweet tarot and or animal card reading as well. 


75 min distant session: USD $ 444 

We meet via Zoom or Skype. 

Please make sure to have water nearby, and if possible a place where you can sit or lay down during the healing in a comfortable position



6 Weeks Program: USD $ 2,222.00

Includes: 6 sessions + Astrology Transit Reading (USD $ 111) + free email support (answered within 24 hours)

3 Month Program: USD $ 4,444.00

Includes: 12 sessions + Astrology Transit Reading (USD $ 111) + free email support (answered within 24 hours)


If interested, let me know after the first session OR if you KNOW right away this is for you, send me an e-mail for a 15 min free exploration call:

kindinsidedk (at) gmail.com


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