Light Language Activation – 30 min session

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Do you feel stuck, worn down, and drained emotionally or energetically? This might be because of old residue and past trauma held in your body. A light language activation can help you let go of the energetic ties that your mind might have cut, but your body still holds.


Light Language is the most ancient form of healing. It is pure vibration.

You are essentially made of light. Your body is a body of vibration. Just like everything else in this reality, on this planet – we all come from the same source of light energy.

Light language activates healing codes in your emotional, energetic, and physical body to release/purge trauma. It directs your divine DNA to unlock healed timelines as you take this transmission.

A light language healing activation doesn’t need any instructions, just like the radio signals are transferred from source to receiver. It simply flows on its own wherever healing and restoration are required, to reset, uplift, and refresh your vibration. It is not the same as a reiki healing, as this works even deeper within the cells and activates the 12 double strands of DNA. This is an energetic upgrade!

Book this session to receive your personalized light language transmission and allow yourself to integrate and activate your highest self.


* The session is done via zoom, skype and/or recorded (for an additional USD $ 10) and will take 30 minutes in total.

* First I will guide you into a relaxed state before the transmission. 

* The duration of the transmission itself may vary from under 5 minutes to over 15 minutes. It will depend upon the transmission and what requires healing. No duration of time is ‘better’ or more powerful than the other. 

* Once done, we will wrap up the session and you can share what came up and ask additional questions. If guided to do so, I will share with you additional easy tips and tricks, and products like crystals or essential oils that can be supportive.

I am channeling various starseeds and work primarily via the Sirian, Acturian, Pleiadian, Mintakan, Lemurian, Lyran, and Draconian fields (all seeds which I hold in my personal DNA), but am open to receive and channel your personal guides should they come through.


* Be aware that you may be feeling and experiencing some ‘detox’ symptoms like headache, bloating, tiredness or arches in your joints, ringing in your ears in the time after the transmission session. Don’t be afraid, this is all a part of the cleansing of old stuck energy within your cells and is a sign that you are ‘upgrading’ (yay)!

* Be sure to drink more water than usual, eat a lot of fresh produce, ground in nature, move your body and allow yourself to rest, relax and sleep as much as needed. 

Many clients report changes in their personal lives within days or weeks after the sessions. This can be in jobs, relationships, money flow, new opportunities, movements or wishes granted, or the ‘right’ person showing up out of nowhere. This is the laws of attraction and vibrations working at its best. 



1 review for Light Language Activation – 30 min session

  1. Philip J

    Damn, my third eye was on FIRE… this was a trip beyond any meditation I’ve ever experienced. No clue how she channeled what she did… powerful AF!!

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