KindInside Health Tarot Reading

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Feeling far from fit as a fiddle? Tired of doubting your ability to heal, be happy and fit, and want to stop self-sabotaging cycles that keep you from experiencing ultimate health and happiness? When uncertain about decisions regarding your wellbeing, this reading will help you gain insight into which path you should choose for yourself. 


When you are not healthy, how can you be happy?

With The KindInside Health Tarot Reading, you get clear-cut guidance and best bits of advice on how to change your current circumstances and live your very best life. Feeling happy, vibrant, comfortable and full of energy in the skin you are in.

Maybe you have a specific question or concern regarding your health.

Or maybe you feel so lost in the health and fitness-jungle that you can’t find your way out. 

Don’t give up just yet…

This is exactly when it is the perfect time for getting a thorough analysis of your health or lifestyle-related question or situation from another point of view.

With this reading you will:

Find out what the cards reveal about your health and wellbeing.

Explore if you want to take precautions against any possible problems in the future

Learn how can you remain in a positive frame of mind and avoid health issues

Get an insight into truths that remain uncovered as far as your wellbeing – physical and mental – is concerned


The Kindinside Health Tarot Reading is based upon Medical Astrology and the tarot cards’ correspondence with the various planets and signs. It will feature tarot cards + oracle cards as a standard. 

* I may (often) offer suggestions on supportive crystals or essential oils if I’m guided intuitively to do so. Remember it is completely up to you whether to adopt these tips and tricks. You always have your own free will!


Please note, that the tarot does not and cannot provide any binding or definitive advice, let alone medical advice. 

The tarot does enable those who consult the cards to re-think the situation in a wider context and with a structured approach. It is meant to foster inspiration though is not a science. Therefore it cannot provide you with definitive answers to your questions. 

The tarot as such cannot and does not provide medical diagnosis and it does not provide for or substitute professional medical advice and consultations or treatments. When interpreting the cards, please do consider these fundamental characteristics of the tarot carefully, and do not take any action based on your subjective interpretation of the cards. 

In medical matters, please do always obtain professional advice and do approach your physician, a hospital or a qualified medical expert in case you suffer symptoms, pain if you are in doubt regarding any medical question or issue. 



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