Tarot Reading – Chakra Balance 101

$ 101.00

Having a hard time manifesting your dreams? Do you feel blocked in your life, a numb sensation inside an having unexplainable pain or blockages in your body?

Sounds like your chakras are out of balance. 

It will help you thrive in life, harness your fullest potential and manifest your dreams.

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When your chakras are out of whack it manifests in the body in some way or the other. 

But what to do about it? And what’s really going on behind the scene?  All of this and more will be targeted with this session through a deeper examination of the energetic balance of your chakras. I will tune in on you and explore where you may be off center, and perhaps even more importantly: what to do about it to restore your chakra balance. 


What you will get

This reading is your shortcut to know where to focus your intention.

little_logo_flower_universeA full written 7 card spread (PDF)

little_logo_flower_universe   Advice and guidance on each chakra

little_logo_flower_universe   A mantra to help focus your intentions 

little_logo_flower_universe   My best tips and strategies to implement the wisdom easily in your day-to-day life


Having your chakras balanced is really the secret key to manifestation and success!


It is time to put an end to the dejavus and repeated patterns! 

It is time to feel more aligned inside so you can better thrive in life and harness your fullest potential. 


In addition, I highly recommend getting The Chakra Mantra deck.

With this at hand, you have easy access to mantras specially designed to help you maintain balance, joy, and vitality throughout your day. 


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