The Kindinside Chakra Mantra Deck

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… Everyone needs some sort of affirmation…

The Kindinside Chakra Mantra Deck is a favorite among yogis, healers, wellness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to take care of their energies through shifting their mindset and have mantras to focus on. The use of targeted mantras helps them keep the energy centers within the body – aka chakras – functioning at their best.


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A complete mantra deck of 48 inspirational affirmation cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. To restore your chakra system and give you the confidence, the awareness and life energy that will help you navigate feeling kind inside through all parts of life.

Many like to use them as oracle cards; it’s like your direct hotline to fast-food for the mind! 

Specially designed to restore your chakra system and bring you the confidence, the awareness and life energy that will help you navigate through all parts of life, feeling kind inside.

Each card consists of a unique healing message aligned to one of the seven chakras.

Ask a question like:

little_logo_flower_universeWhat energy will support me today?

little_logo_flower_universeWhat energy will help me living my dream?

little_logo_flower_universeWhat energy center needs a little TLC?

little_logo_flower_universeWhat will help me feel happier right now?

little_logo_flower_universeWhat is the message for today?

little_logo_flower_universeWhat will help me get through this challenging time?

little_logo_flower_universeIn what area am I blocked?

Or anything you can dream up on your own.


These mantras come straight from my heart, imagination, and glimpses of nuggets that hit me during my own ups- and downs. Read the story behind here


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