Best Year Ever – Tarot Coaching Program

$ 449.00

You have a goal! You desire change! You want to be in a much different place this time next year, yet you are lacking clarity and afraid of what’s going to happen?

Then this tarot program is tailored for you! Throughout quaterly calls you will get a status and check in with your progress, accessing what challenges may be in the way and what to do with them.


This Best Year Ever 12 Months Coaching Program hooks you up with a one-hour tarot reading with a year ahead-spread + follow up 30 min Skype call/in-person meetings once every quarter.

If you are looking for a way to get the road map, clarity and support without spending thousands on regular coaching sessions, this is for you. Even if you already have an action plan laid out, this monthly check-up-check in can be a great supplement to support you and help you reach those goals.

Exactly what you need if you wanna make the next year the BEST year! And STILL be able to have your Starbucks coffee!


This may be what you need if:

  You want to be in a much different place this time next year
  You wanna go hardcore with your (spiritual and) personal development 
  You’ve got BIG PLANS for the next 12 months and want some support with it all

 You have a game-plan, but lack clarity on how to put it into action in line with your personality and thought-processes 
 You’re starting your own biz, changing careers, moving countries, or going through a whole life make-over (or want to be!)

 You don’t want to spend thousands on coaching sessions where you’re just chatting away
 You’ve been looking for some kind of coaching package, but don’t have the money

  You like my type of readings and guidance, and believe I can help you make this year your best year!


It will require for you to do some serious work on your life in the next 12 months, and I can guarantee  you it will be worth every single step.


How it works:

At the first session, we pull a card for each month and 1 card the for the overall theme of your year (just like The Year Ahead Reading). We will talk about your desires and dreams etc. I may come with different tools, however, if you want to have some “control” it’s totally up to you where we’ll point the focus and zoom in.

During the year you can journal and reflect on the card of the month and explore how it relates to your ‘real life’; career, relationships, money stuff.

Every quarter we will meet up and touch base again, check-in and see how things are unfolding. If needed we can do some healing, releasing work, manifesting, whatever you feel is needed to do. 

We can pencil in all our sessions in advance, otherwise, I’ll email you every third month to see where you’re at and what you need from me.




This is a more than  $ 150 saving on purchasing your readings throughout the year

Killer Bonus:

Discounted Extra Readings: 

Buy any extra half-hour reading during the year for just $ 25, or grab an hour session for just $ 55. Perfect if you need extra support at certain times in between sessions.

Ready to choose yourself?! There has never been a better time than now.



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