ASTROLOGY – TRANSITS – You and The present moment

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No more in-accurate newspaper horoscopes. This Astrology – current transits and you reading, gives you a snapshot of the current astrological weather and how it relates to YOU and YOUR LIFE, personally.

Here, you are the center of the Universe.



How many times have you read the monthly horoscopes only to find it does not align with you and your current situation, or you felt you needed more guidance to make use of it?

Perhaps you’ve heard that the dreaded Mercury Retrograde is on yet again or that the Full or New Moon is really powerful because it squares whatever planet…. but how does it affect you? 

OR maybe (and often) you simply feel like you’re going through a rough or difficult time, dealing with returning cycles, ‘problems’ or concerns that just keeps going on, without you knowing why or what to do with it. (Think Saturn Return, Uranus Squares or Jupiter cycles).

That’s why and when this reading is all you need!

As an astrologer, I often share current planetary positions, transits, and aspects (follow me on Instagram for updates). But in nature, such posts are collectively oriented.

This “Astrology – you and the present moment”-reading, places YOU in the center of the universe and shines a light on how it all relates, aligns, and affects YOUR personal birth chart. Because, no… that’s not the same way as it affects Jim, Mads, or Molly. 

This reading is a fan-favorite reading for good reason, simply because it takes the pulse of you in the present moment, what’s going on here and now, and gives you the tools to unlock your own as well as the energetic potentials of the present moment. 



* We will meet up online via either Skype or Zoom for a quick but thorough 30 min deep dive into your chart.

THIS service requires that you know and provide your exact birth time, birth date and birth location. 




Photo Credit: Work Your Light Oracle Deck, by Rebecca Campbell & Danielle Noel 


1 review for ASTROLOGY – TRANSITS – You and The present moment

  1. Alex W

    WOW! Everything Marie picked up on was so on point with what I’ve been going through and dealing with lately. Her tools and insights proved to be deeply helpful… clearly, Marie’s not just an astrologer, but knows about the body too in a way you rarely see in the tarot/astro community. This was worth every penny and more! xx

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