Astrology: Starseed Origin Session

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Ever felt connected to the stars, like you didn’t really belong here on planet Earth? Maybe you feel a special connection to dolphins, whales or other animals, or drawn to star signs or specific stars on the night sky – like the Sirius star or the Pleiades?





Starseeds are souls who have chosen to incarnate on Earth but are originally from another star system, such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion, as well as multiple other stars, constellations and galaxies.

Esentially we are all made out of universal star dust (big bang theory!), but for some of us there’s more to it than that…


This reading is for you if:

  • You have been wondering if you’re originally not from Earth, but a starseed from a different star system?
  • You feel you have starseed characteristics but not sure what star system you’re from originally?
  • Speical or psychic gifts feel natural to you, but you have no clue why or how… you just “know” things or modalities.
  • You are a lightworker or healer, and curious to learn more about your Starseed origin
  • You are seeking a greater connection with your star family and/or higher guides?
  • You feel more aligned after watching alien movies like “Avatar”, or perhaps even understood their language!
  • You can communicate with specific animals like whales, dolphins, foxes, cats or dogs
  • You sleep better under the starry nightsky than in the arms of a lover


In this reading, I help you bridge the gap and connect to your star origins and lineage. I myself have 7 direct connections and speak and write various light languages and codes. It was a ‘chok’ to my human brain once my gifts suddenly opened up, but my soul and I have never felt more aligned to life itself.


Knowing your linage can support you in tremendous healing, greater self-love and alignment with yourself and your mission in this life time.


After this 45 min session you’ll realise you are more woo than you ever knew 😉 


This starseed origin session is ideal to book with the light language activation 30 min session, where I via channeled light language activate your own codes and align your 12 double-stranded DNA + 12 universal chakras.

Get ready to ascend, my dear… the 5th dimension future is here!

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3 reviews for Astrology: Starseed Origin Session

  1. Bree

    Crazy stuff…. I always feel most at peace when stargazing… now I know why! Thank you, gal…

  2. Emily

    This is next level…

    I have no clue how Marie knew this, but during the session she suddenly paused to ask me if I feel connected to Dolphins and foxes. I was silenced for a minute trying to grasp my breath. I work at a care center for foxes and dolphins are my favorite animal. She told me my sun is on top of the Sirius star, from which the animals incarnated and suddenly a lot of things from my life, and inner visions of ‘past lives’ made sense. This reading was the missing piece to my puzzle. I’ve never felt more understood by a stranger person than having this reading with Marie. Best birthday present I’ve ever given myself!

    Hugs, Em

  3. Michael

    I loved my session with Marie. She was very helpful and assisted me with questions that I had along the way. She was funny, compassionate and very responsive and helped me understand my deeper truths and connetions. She didn’t try to push something down on me, but was open and a great guide. It was clear that Marie really knows her star systems and her intuitive gifts are very apparent. I really loved the session and will be back for more of her services in the future.

    You will love her readings!

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