Astrology – Business Chart Reading

$ 555.00

Millionaires don’t believe in astrology – billionaires rely on it (JP.Morgan). No more hours spent on figuring how to make your business successful. An astrology business chart reading will show and teach you how and what can make your brand unique, effective, and ultimately prosperous. 


Reach the ultimate potential and increase the income in your business by discovering its unique software – the energetic blueprint aka astrology chart- and learning how to align it with the natural cycles of the universe.

Through a 90 min business chart reading, you will understand the cosmic profile of your business, the greater ‘why’ / purpose assess the strengths and challenges of the brand, and learn

  • who your ideal client or customer (really) is
  • the voice of your business
  • how to stand out
  • how to market and sell for optimal revenue
  • where to expand (service, product, location)
  • how to serve your clients or customers
  • how to navigate through challenges
  • what type of work could be outsourced to maximize your time and work more efficiently
  • what type of person(s) to hire,
  • timing of launches
  • and so much more

Also, in a reading we can use the power of the solar system to find the stellar re/launch date for your business or start-up if need be.


What’s included: 

  • 90 min zoom call
  • Copy of your business chart
  • A pdf workbook with key information

Upon booking, please provide the following information

  1. Business ‘birth’ information (When your business was energetically established including date, time, location – not where its registered, but from where it was filed (i.e. date of incorporation, name registration, website launch whichever came first, or you have the information on).

Preferred, but not necessary

2. Founder’s (your) birth information (date of birth, time of birth and location of birth)


Please, let me know in the description what your top 3 key focuses are for your businesses, and we’ll go deeply into what your chart advises about those topics over a for the next year.

Post booking I will reach out to you to schedule a time for our call and then spend hours in the cosmic machine room decoding your chart in reference to the focus areas provided.


Please note that slots may be booked out 2-3 weeks from your purchase depending on availability. Please be patient, it’s worth it. There is no refund for sessions purchased. All sales are final, so book at your own discretion.





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