Astrology – Birth Chart Reading (Personal)

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Dis-cover your unique story within the greater story of the Universe

You are so much more than your ‘starsign’ or ‘sunsign’, and that’s where your natal birth chart comes into play. This shows the unique energetic blueprint and wiring of your soul and symbolizes the raw materials you’ve been given at birth to form and fashion your life.

Basically, it’s your roadmap to the adventures and desires in life you’ve always dreamed of! 


Your personal astrology reading is prepared using your date of birth, where you were born, and the time of birth. (The exact time should be on your birth certificate). 

You may have heard about your sun sign and tell everyone that you’re a Taurus or a Capricorn. While that’s totally on spot there’s soo much more to astrology – and that’s where your natal birth horoscope comes into play.

This reveals the energies in the skies on that very specific date, time, and spot in the universe that you were born. Basically it’s a snapshot of the planets’ positions in relation to the earth on that time.

This means you are the center of your Universe. Pretty awesome!

People often say that humans don’t come with an instruction map – well guess what, we do.

Your birth chart is like your personal facture settings. Just like you can take a computer or phone and customize it with your favorite apps, programs and backgrounds, so too can you personalize your own life along the spectrum of the choices and decisions you make. In other words, it shows and symbolizes the raw materials you’ve been given from which to fashion your life.

It can reveal how you’ll be and act in relationships, what career paths are good for you, where things will come easily to you, and where you’ll be challenged to grow in life.


It’s you souls roadmap to the adventures in life


By getting to know the cards you have at hand you can play them to your advantage as you endeavor in the games of life.

You can take charge of your destiny!

So while your operation system my be “Taurus”, no two people (or very used laptops) are really the same. This is also why a natal birth chart reading is so much more accurate than whatever free reading and horoscope you can find on the internet. This is indeed the best investment you can make in yourself if you want to reach your dreams with the greatest ease and flow. 


Upon booking, we will schedule a time to meet up online via zoom and dive into your chart together for approx 60-75 minutes. 

You may record this session.

Note that I won’t sent you a written report as I get downloads during the session. If you’d like a written format, please let me know and I can generate a more generalized PDF that covers the basics and is great to have at hand to refer to. This for an additional cost of USD $30.


NOTE: To get the most accurate reading it is required that you provide your exact birth time and place. Should you not know the time, I am currently not the right astrologer for you (fair and square!). 

3 reviews for Astrology – Birth Chart Reading (Personal)

  1. Philip

    Woooah, this is deep shit, Marie! You made a lot of my past and present make sense.thank you

  2. Caroline B.

    5🌟’s simply aren’t enough to rate and capture the wisdom Marie can retrieve from an astrology chart. It’s beyond what I could ever have imagined.

    I’ve had other astrologers cast my chart before without that much success so I was a little skeptical but was recommended to try Marie. And woaah… she didn’t disappoint! She found meanings and connected dots I’ve never understood but always felt lingering and causing blocks in my life. She even picked up on stuff about past lives, my childhood and my mother… things there were no way she could have known about or heard somewhere! I was blown away by her accuracy, and am so thankful for the valuable tools she gave me on how to find balance and restore equilibrium internally in order to balance the energies of my chart. I didn’t even know that was possible but always thought it was just how it was meant to be mad feel having a “difficult” chart as other astrologers told me I have.

    I cannot wait for my next session with Marie, and I can only recommend you booking this reading with her if you want to know why you think, feel and behave in ways that seem to block you and what to do about it.

    Sending so much love from Nevada, US

  3. Helle Christensen

    At få mit fødselshoroskop læst af Marie har vist sig at være en investering ikke kun i mig selv som person, men også min fremtid.

    Hun gav mig en følelse af at blive forstået, hørt og set som jeg ikke mindes jeg har prøvet andetsteds. Jeg lærte så meget om mig selv, som jeg havde gemt væk men inderst inde nok altid har vist. Hun bekræftede mig i nogle ting og lærte mig at se mig selv på en anden, og mere positiv måde.

    Marie har en helt unik evne til at fortælle hvad tingene betyder og vigtigst, hvordan det hele kan bruges i hverdagen. Og så gav hun mig tips til selv at bruge horoskopet fremad og sammenholde det med informationer, jeg læser om fx månefaserne.

    Hvis du tvivler pga prisen, så kan jeg kun opfordre dig til at finde pengene! Min mand rystede på hovedet, da han hørte om det, men nu er han glad og taknemmelig. For jeg har fundet mig selv, er blevet mere lykkelig OG tjener mange flere penge end jeg har gjort før.

    Marie guidede mig på sporet af mit sande kald og mit sande jeg.

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