60 min Tarot Reading – online

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$ 264.00

Sometimes it’s nice to simply touch base and see where the heck you are in your current life situation. With 60 minutes to do so, we have plenty of time to un-cover what’s going on and what you can do about it!


With this 60 min tarot reading, we dive in, head first into the consultation, and access your question(s) with a spread tailored to you and your personal situation.


You are the one in control of the consultation and I encourage you to take part in this reading by asking the specific questions you want answers to, and feel that can serve you the most on your path. After all, you’re the one who knows what’s up and where you wanna go – I am here to facilitate the answers that YOU already have and hold inside. 


Some of the topics we can look at:

 Career // Business

 Love // Relationships

 Moving // Home

 Body // Health // Lifestyle

 Spiritual // Chakra

 Money (what blocks you or stops you from abundance)

…. and many more… 

General *

*Note: For general readings, we will ask for a status of your current situation. However, the more specific you can be in your question the better and deeper answers you can receive.


Online: Skype or Zoom

2 reviews for 60 min Tarot Reading – online

  1. Dani

    I have had 3 different readings with Marie now, and she’s the best reader I’ve ever tried.

    Marie is not like any other tarot reader, but also draws on human life experiences and has so much compassion and empathy. She knows how to intuitively create a safe space and somehow she magically opens you up to have deeper insights for yourself.

    Marie has taught me how to be more in touch with my own intuition. I has been life changing for me.

    Xx Dani

  2. Nicole

    Marie helped me find truths within myself, my life, and hope in my future.

    I didn’t know what to expect, but Marie made me never regret investing in myself in this way.

    The tools and tips she shares have been easy to implement in my daily life and are not just random ‘meditate under the full moon and buy 10 crystals’… they are directly tailored to you and what you need in this very moment.

    Marie is practical yet spiritual, and just wants you to succeed and feel good. After having a reading with her, I do really feel more kind inside in all parts of life.

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