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New Moon in Virgo: Time to purify your life

When the Moon dances with the Sun in the sign of Virgo, it is time to purify your life. It is time to hone your inner Monica Geller and do some serious housecleaning – inside and outside.


This New Moon in Virgo on the 9thof September brings forth the annual opportunity to clean out, to perfect, to scale down and get back to only doing what is sacred and matters; only possessing what is needed (and give the rest away!) and simply saying the necessary. We are asked to dive deep into our own webs and see how we orchestra our daily patterns, habits, and ways we operate. Does it sound like sweet music or completely off tune?


Virgo is the Monica of the Zodiac. And come on, who doesn’t love Monica?


She’s The One with the planning tools. The One that discerns things, connects them. The One in control. The One that goes about her day (and everything else!) in a practical way, prioritized and structured way.

But how to do this if you aren’t a Monica-person? If Rachel is more relatable, or Chandler for that sake? Or if you are just a human in a stressful, modern world?

As always, I turned to the tarot cards to get some clarity and guidance on how we can better our lives by simplifying and purifying it. And this, my friend, is what showed up:



…………… The Wheel of Fortune – The Three of Swords – The Page of Pentacles …………………



Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Virgo

The Wheel of Fortune: The work

The theme for this New Moon in Virgo is highlighted by the first card: The Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune is about the hand of Fate, or to put it more mundanely: It is the element that luck plays in our lives. Good fortune doesn’t last forever, as this card shows. The wheel turns, and what was once up goes down and vice versa. It can be the wheel of misfortune, when the circle breaks, or when you go against the flow of positive energy. Yikes!

The Wheel of Fortune comes as our teacher to remind us of the real work of the whole journey we call life. Staying centered. Being present. Sure, but it’s damn hard work staying centered while in the sometimes chaotic conditions of life! Really, it has nothing to do with luck.


The wheel is what you have to do to get enlightened. 

It’s the job description.

The work. 


When you are in the hub of the wheel — the center — you are not subject to the drama of rising and falling. Nor are you weighted down or pulled in different directions by the overbooked daily schedule, FOMO-plans, and information overload.

You are stabilized and aligned. You have prioritized this position as you know that it will keep your head up, feet down and able to see things as they are.



The Wheel of Fortune



In order to find the sweet spot of balance, you must take a deeper look into yourself. Go grab your pen and paper, and get ready to be brutally honest with yourself.  


Below are some questions to consider during these days under the new moon in Virgo:

How do I stay centered in the midst of everyday activities?

What are my 3 biggest priorities in life and how can I rearrange my days to make sure they are kept at the top of my to-do list?

What would my ideal weekly schedule look like if all of the aspects that contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing were all included in my plans?

What new habits would I like to introduce to my daily or weekly routine to help me feel more refreshed and in control of my energy flow?

What new systems or strategies could I employ at work to make things move along more smoothly there?



The shadows of the New Moon in Virgo: Beware the Perfectionist

In “Friends” Monica live out the shadows of the Virgo-energy to AT, and so can we in our daily life.

From childhood, we are taught to plan and be perfect where ever we show up. You may be so eager to achieve success with a current project that you are obsessively planning each and every detail. Maybe you are focused on getting that “perfect” body, streamlined and fit, spending hours at the gym every day and night. 

In the process, however, the big picture could suffer. Sometimes over-planning can be worse than not planning at all. It’s one thing to be prepared to the degree that it will be easier and more efficient, but when you go to extremes you may leave no room for creativity. No time for surprises to pop up. No time for spontaneity and sudden left turns on the cue of your intuitive guide.


Perfectionism. Occurs when we laser-focus on what needs improving to the point where we stop seeing the inherent perfection in everything just as it is…


When we answer the questions above and dare to answer them honestly that is, we are shown exactly what works and what doesn’t. What helps us harvest the fruits of our labor, and what’s blocking it from making the wheel of fortune spin around like a tornado.


And like this isn’t enough, The Three of Swords (Sigh, OUCH!) has come to offer us some “tough-love” too.


Three of Swords: Connect with higher consciousness

Despite being one of the most dreaded cards in the tarot deck, the three of swords always carry the greatest opportunity to go beyond our nitty-gritty self-picking, self-hating, body shaming voices.

The three of swords can be purer in its message than the virgin herself. It’s a wake-up call. Waking us up to Reality. Painful reality pierces the body, the heart, and the mind. We are face to face with the pain of life and we must find balance.



The Three of Swords


Facing the present can hurt, no doubt. Facing ourselves. Maybe you come to recognize your inner perfectionist. The one who needs to have everything Monica-clean.

But as mentioned above, this hyper-vigilant critic can result in compulsive behaviors in an effort to feel in control. So if you notice yourself unable to stop cleaning, washing your hands or working STOP & ask, ‘What am I really afraid of?’

By addressing the subconscious fears we incorporate the lesson of Pisces, the opposite sign of the Virgo, so we don’t have to act out like a manic over-doer who can’t stop for fear of everything falling apart.

This is where we are invited to begin to work with higher consciousness. To live more aligned with the truth. Our own truth.

Whenever The Three of Swords shows up in a reading, we are invited to become a master of our thoughts and our lives. To witness our subconscious and see what habits and coping mechanisms we call upon when life gets messy, painful or simply too action-packed.

When unbalanced, off-center, we must recognize our higher, purest self to move on. We must connect and embrace the purity in order to stay calm.


However hard and painful this process may be, we don’t have to do it alone.


The Page of Pentacles: Ground Yourself

Luckily The Page of Pentacles showed up in the reading too, bringing in great support to the purification process. This page is, believe it or not, ruled by the Virgo, which is why I was astonished to see it show up (hello synchronicity, you just can’t make it up).

The Page of Pentacles/The Virgo is a down-to-earth energy that is all about getting back in tune with better daily habits to support ourselves in flowing through our work & life feeling satisfied.


The Page of Pentacles


They both indicate the ability to appreciate the beauty and a love for study and reflection. They encourage us to see the light in all that is practical, and realistic. 

Once we have done the inner work with integrity, this card signals the moment when we begin to use our moral backbone to rise and take charge. As events turn in our favor (Wheel of Fortune), the energy of this card creates prosperity commensurate with our commitment to upholding the truth.

Like an experienced student, we know what is morally in tune with our life, purpose, and desires, acting from the conscious mind. Thus our best approach during this New Moon in Virgo is to recognize that we can land on our feet if we have to.


We can choose the center place.

The center in our own universe.

The centerpiece of our own life.


And that my friend, is after all the place from where you can best manage your life as practically, efficiently, and as enjoyable as possible.


Deck used: The Ceccoli Tarot by artist Nicoletta Ceccoli  



As always, with love

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