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Monthly Horoscopes February

Monthly Horoscopes February


What’s in the stars for you this month?


Natal Chart Reading


I invite you to read for your RISING sign for most accuracy (this is determined by the time you were born, and may NOT be the same as your sun= ‘star sign’). 

If you wanna go next level, read for your SUN too.

And if you are super pro, tie the bow with your MOON sign.

(Don’t know your rising or moon, look it up asap… That’s part of your personal external and internal power waiting to be claimed right now!)

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As always, take what you need and leave the rest for others


Monthly Horoscopes February – Overall energy

January 2021… what a year!

I’m pleased to welcome you, my friend, to a new month full of new potential right from the get go. Read on to get the full scope!

February brings a ton of vibrations and energetic frequencies towards (and through) us from our planetary friends in the sky. With six planets (including the sun and moon) teaming up in the sign of Aquarius mid month, our minds, nervous systems and energy bodies are getting an upgrade, while our minds are ‘forced’ to slow the fuck down with Mercury’s retrograde in this sign through Feb 21st.

Make sure to drink enough water (more than the 8 glasses!), optimize your mineral and vitamin-supplementation, and resting when needed. Grounding yourself in nature is also heav(en)ly advised.

To keep your vibes high, stable and centered healing practices that works with the energetic body like sound healing, light language healing other healing modalities like reiki.

You can find good meditations online, or you can book a session with a healer for personal assistance for your mind, body and soul. I’m here to support you (see links above) or DM me, or turn to another trusted practitioner of yours.

Grab your calendar and circle the days around February 11-14!

The Aquarian New Moon on Feb 11 and the few days that follows until Valentine’s Day could prove to become memorable days, where we are somehow all feeling as if born under the lucky stars. (Hint: we are!). Be cautious though with your words and thoughts around this time – speak from your heart, and not just your mind. 

BUT… on February 17 Saturn has his first of three face-offs in 2021 (squares) with revolutionist and shake-up planet, Uranus. A “square” is an astrological term for when two planets make a 90º angle with each other. Usually associated with harsh, tense energies, but only so, until you take action. Don’t worry, they won’t happen all at once. We see them meet up in the ring corner again – on June 14 (with Saturn retrograde) and then again December 24 (Merry X-mas!), so this is more of a whole-year journey than a one-day thing. 

Fun fact: This is the first Saturn-Uranus square we’ve experienced since 2000, so expect some biiiiiig changes.

Just a day later on Feb 18, the Sun and we enter Pisces season, bringing us all a dose of emotional, intuitive vibes – and a heightened need for rest and rejuvenation.

By Feb 21 we (finally) see Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. This is the invitation to take all the research, reviews and refinements you’ve done during the retrograde phase, and put them into action. Be patient though, it takes a few weeks for the planet to pick up full speed. But he will, eventually, in early March!

At the end of the month, a beautiful Virgo Full Moon on Feb 27 casts her light on those areas of your life that tend to feel the most cloudy and dreamy – aka the areas that Pisces rules in your chart. This is a very healing moon so make sure to block out the day to focus inwards on yourself so your can tune in and connect with your highest self and spirit team of guides and allies. Just for this day, focus on being of service to yourself and tend to your needs. 

We wrap up the month with a so-called Grand Earth Trine on Feb 28, when The Moon in Virgo forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus – also forming a tribe to each other.

A trine is when there’s 120° between two planets and here all three link up with each other in the element of earth.

A grand trine is generally an omen of good fortune and things manifesting (if you’ve taken or take appropriate action and now make things flow and unfold without blocking it). This one between in particular tends to promote the achievement of material objectives, thanks to the perseverance, realism, and personal confidence within you.

Again, highlighting the importance of grounding yourself and keeping your receptive channels open, and your inner self-saboteur in check and trusting the process. 

‘Fun-fact’: All the Mercury Retrogrades in 2021 will be in Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) so this will be an especially mentally-oriented year for Mercury Rx’s.


Primary Transits:

Yep, there’s a loooot… Afterall,  we don’t move forward in life without some wind in our sails.

  • Feb 1: Venus enters Aquarius
  • Feb 8: Sun conjunct Mercury Rx in Aquarius 
  • Feb 9: Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries
  • Feb 11: 🌑 New Moon in Aquarius 23° + Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius 
  • (Around this day we find 6(!) ‘planetary bodies’ in Aquarius: The Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn!)
  • Feb 14: Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius 
  • Feb 17: Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus at 7° (clash of old vs. new, structures/restrictions vs. freedom)
  • Feb 18: PISCES SEASON (Sun enters Pisces)
  • Feb 21: Mercury stations direct at 11° Aquarius (End of retrograde, wohoo 🥳 !)
  • Feb 25: Venus enters Pisces
  • Feb 27: 🌕 Full Moon in Virgo at 8°
  • Feb 28: Grand Trine in Earth (Moon in Virgo, Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn) 🎁 🍀 





Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

February is a mixed bag for you, Ram of the Zodiac. If you are an extroverted Aries, you’ll welcome a boost on the social front. Your diary is likely to be overflowing with face-to-face (safe-distanced) and/or social media meetups with friends and groups. Introvert? Then enjoy catching up with one or two special friends.

Either way, focus on talking about hopes and wishes for the future – “Make I have a dream” the theme.

A monetary surprise could also be around the corner, as is a boost of energy.

Meanwhile there is a need to be wary of making rash decisions or actions. Displays of temper also need to be reined in. Mercury is retrograde in the same house lit up by the sun for the majority of the month (your 11th house), so learning to being patient is a mandatory lesson. As is reviewing, refining, renewing, realigning. In particular the hopes and wishes you have for the future.

This includes your friend-groups too. Erratic Uranus influences your ruling planet Mars making for a bumpy ride at times in your second house of personal values and self-worth. This is a great time to review who’s on team-Aries and cutting out the fair-weather friends or toxic teammates. Who and what is (really) worth your precious time, energy and fierce Aries heart? Don’t forget how much value you bring to the table, my fiery friend.

Tending to your nervous system and general ‘vibe’ is key during February – especially for you, who might tend to experience more headaches and migraines then others.

Allow time for rest and rejuvenation; sleep is vital. In particular from Feb 18th when the sun moves into Pisces and your 12th house. Use the Pisces season to rejuvenate, to daydream, meditate and journal your way through all the ways in which you’ve grown and evolved since your birthday last year.

Come Aries season mid-March, you’ll be ready to be born once again. So do the prep-work, passionate Ram.



Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Big BOSS-Bull energy come through. This is a month when it’s wise to aim high and consider what you want next in your life.

Throughout the month there’s a jampacked party going on in Aquarius and your career & vocation sector, the 10thhouse. AND a Mercury Retrograde.

In other words: it’s time to review, refine and realign your aspirations. What projects have been placed on a backburner? What is it that your heart and soul truly desire to be known for? What’s your passion and where is it that you truly excel – where both your personal values AND your visions for the future you wish to create on Earth are aligned?

The planetary activity peaks during the New Moon on the 11th, a symbol of new beginnings. Here your ruling planet Venus teams up with the lucky planet, Jupiter. You could find that a new opportunity lands in your lap – if not, just be patient as you align yourself with your new, updated and upgraded intensions. Divine timing…

Meanwhile Mars – the planet of ambition and action – resides in your 6th house of daily activities and duties, forming a square to the Aquarius-planets. This means that you may not see eye-to-eye with people at work. Alternatively, you’re not happy with what you’re being told or the direction that a project, job or organization is going in. 

Both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs and can be stubborn (you know that). Yet, Uranus also in Taurus squares Saturn (old, set structures) is urging you to break with tradition, do things differently and shake things up. You may already know what this means for you personally. If not, shut up your mind and listen to your heart 😉

Ready to socialize? On Feb 18 the Sun moves into Pisces and your house of friends and group connections.

The Full Moon on the 27th is an ideal date to get together with those that brings joy and pleasure to the party. Still under lockdown? No biggie, gather up online or via the phone.

On the 25th, your ruling planet Venus enters romantic Pisces, so she’s there too during the full moon ushering some romantic vibes. Love & friendship are closely linked, remember.



Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Your ruling planet Mercury is Retrograde for the majority of the month, calling you to take some time to ensure that your 2021 goals reflect your true nature, and that you are on a path that is satisfying.

This goes down in Aquarius and your 9th house of travels, study (higher education), ideas and belief-systems. Feeling the need for a spiritual retreat or called to enroll in an online course? This is the month to take part in both.

Throughout the months, there’s a pile up of planets here culminating on the New Moon Feb 11. Time to set new intentions for your aspirations and goals of your soul.

Here, lucky and expansive Jupiter and your ruling planet Mercury teams up on Valentine’s Day. If new opportunities come in on or around these key dates, the answer is most likely YES! – but make sure it feels right in your heart too, so hold on your commitment until the planet goes direct and your mind is clear.

On the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces and your house of career and vocation, followed by Venus on Feb 25 bring focus on this sector. On Feb 27 the Full Moon cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis focusing on the foundations of your life, your home & family vs. your career & vocation.

This could turn out to bring some big changes whether due to external circumstances, a change of mind or change of heart on your part. Maybe even a re-location of some sorts.

Be aware you could find yourself feeling like an outsider or excluded in some way. You may have a sense that you don’t fit in and you have to do things on your own. 

This is partly to do Mars + Uranus in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your self – the 12th house. On Feb 17th the Saturn in Aquarius – Uranus square aspect brings up the need to break free from old structures or limiting beliefs, an association or a place of education.

Again, this is why it’s key for you to question EVERYTHING you ‘know’, sense or dream during February and the Mercury Retrograde. Embrace it, mind first!

Just make sure to offset this mental activity with some physical selfcare so it doesn’t turn into anxiety. Sleep, rest and meditate. Journaling is excellent for you as an air-sign with all the thoughts you have ruminating your precious mind.

Take care of yourself, and know that no path is linear, dear friend.



Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Moonchild, you are one of life’s dreamers but there are times when you need to leave the realm of the imagination and manifest your dreams in real life. This is one of them.

Money from outside and joint ventures is likely to be a focus point this month as you see a pile-up of planets in Aquarius and your 8th house – it peaks on the New Moon on the Feb 11. What takes place this month could set a new precedent or be the start of a new phase in your life. 

Because Mercury retrograde happens in this zone too, it’s time to review your financial situation. Whether one form of income is coming to an end or you receive a gift or bonus, security matters a great deal to you. Do you get what you’re worth? No? Then it’s a good month for renegotiating and working things out – but wait on taking action until the planet of communication turns around on Feb 21. 

During these three re-weeks, it can also prove beneficial to return to a conversation or project that began earlier this year or in the first half of last year. Rework old ideas or projects – you never know what gold might be buried, or where you’re leaking and wasting energy.

Be aware though of any tendency and anxiety to creep in around the 17th when Saturn in Aquarius are in the ring corner (square) with Uranus in Taurus and your house of groups, and technology. Review those online-membership subscriptions of yours, and bit adieu to those that you no longer need.

On Feb 18 the Sun enters dreamy, romantic Pisces and your 9th house of beliefs, spirituality, study, travel and foreign affairs, followed by Venus on the 25th. This would be a good time to try something different or to be in new surroundings. Think about expanding your horizons in some shape or form – perhaps you feel called to learning something new or embracing new beliefs or take a spiritual retreat (even in your own home).

Just ensure you reconnect with your heart and your natural intuition. Too much time spent in your head, worrying or trying to work things out isn’t helpful. But hey, feeling your emotions and letting them be your guide towards security IS your special skill, my friend. Use them wisely on and during the practical Full Moon in Virgo on Feb 27.



Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

It’s all about opposites attracting for you, Lion(ess). So many planets are in your opposing sign of Aquarius, each bringing their individual energies to your relationship-house. In other words, your one-to-one sector is lit up like a neon screen. This includes both marriage/committed relationship, business partners and those you’re on a contract with.

If you are already in a committed relationship, then your nearest and dearest is on the center stage. Me vs. you. If you are single, or thinking about getting hitched, this month is likely to spark a move towards commitment. In particular around Valentine’s Day! If you are happily single with no plans for romance, then the planets are saying “never say never” 😉 Afterall Venus is making her way through this house alongside Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun. And the moon for the New Moon on the 11th.  

In general, a good month to reach out to those you want partner with. But do wait with reaching out until end of the month. Mercury is retrograde until the 21st, so spend your time reviewing, reassessing and perhaps restoring some old one-to-one’s that are worthy being brought back on. During this time it is key however to focusing on clear communication or see the lack thereof. Don’t take it personally. Don’t let ‘delays’ or silence dim your spark.

What’s on your heart and mind, Leo? It’s advised to think twice before you speak – or roar… journaling can support you in this regard. Your words have value, and so do you – make sure you lead and speak and shine from your heart, Leo. That’s what you do best anyway.

February may also stir up energy around your work and career, your vocation and future path. Action planet Mars gives you drive and ambition in alongside Uranus – the planet of curveballs in this area of your chart. It might be that external circumstances are the reason for a new chapter beginning. Or, perhaps an opportunity appears that’s too good to miss out on.

On Feb 18 the Sun, your ruler, enters water sign Pisces – an emotional, sentimental sign, sensitive and caring. This sector of your horoscope is about money on the one hand, also things that are hidden. You may be dealing with deep emotions while the Sun is here. Or venturing into unknow (deeeeep) territory.

There’s a powerful Full Moon on Feb 27 in Virgo illuminating your second house of possessions, your value(s) and self worth. Are there ways in which you dim your light and self-esteem, perhaps due to the size of your wallet? Your energy is your greatest currency – so notice what you pay attention to. Either way, you see your situation clearly and you’re wise to trust your intuition in making a key decision. You may also reap the financial rewards of seeds planted during the new moon in Pisces in September 2020. 



Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

If you’re a typical Virgo, you prefer having a regular routine and you like to prioritize your health and take good care of your body. And this month the planets cast their energetic spotlights in this sector of your life.

With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde in this zone for the first 3 weeks, it’s time to REST, re-access, refine to realign your daily habits. Don’t get anxious if things don’t go the way you’d planned. Instead, reflect on what your true priorities are, shed some activities and see what to-do’s can be delegated or deleted completely from your lists. How can you work smarter, not harder? Make “Success through simplicity” your mantra of the month.

Don’t be surprised if you’ll suddenly be required to travel for work or study for work and this could prove disruptive, as Mars is making his way through your house of travel and higher education. Trying to get things done is doubly challenging, especially dealing with foreign connections – zoom calls across the world? Have an alternative at hand.

Plus, the Saturn-Uranus clash on the 17th could highlight where you’re unable to break free. Saturn holds you back while Uranus craves freedom. 

Finally, love takes a spotlight for you, dear Virgo, beginning during the New Moon mid month. On Feb 11 Jupiter (the lucky, growth-hacker) meets up with love planet, Venus, and then with your ruler Mercury (communication, thoughts) on the 14th… yes, on Valentine’s Day! If you’ve been holding your tongue about how you feel about that special someone, you have the universe’s support to announce it around this day!

Late February could bring a(nother) significant turning point to your one-to-one relationships, when the Sun enters Pisces and your relationship house on the 18th and love planet Venus follows along on the 25th. This period in the month promises love and romance. Alternatively, support from partners and allies. Ideally, both.



Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

February can be a very positive month for Libra. It’s time for pleasure and play, passion and purpose. You’ll see 6 planets including the moon and the sun sparking light in your creative, reproductive (and sex) sector throughout the month: it is time to ask what new projects or productive activities you can birth?

Mercury is retrograde in this house too for the first three weeks. This is your invitation /permission slip to travel back & inwards to re-connect with your inner child. What sparked joy in you back in the ‘good-old-days’? What activities did you do that got you into a meditative state just because it was fun and made you feel abundant? And when do you live in the moment as an adult, not troubling about the past or the future? Do more of this… (un)seriously.

During the month these planets will square Mars and Uranus in your house of joint finances, money and the deep, hidden you. Squares are only uncomfortable until you take action. So use the days around new moon on the 11th and Valentine’s Day to review your income streams; new opportunities to make money through your creativity may present themselves – keeps your eyes, mind and heart open.

Just remember that being in a state of receptivity is also key in activating abundance so keep striking the balance of being and doing. As the queen/king of the scales, you know how to do it.

The Sun enters Pisces and your 6th house on the 18th and your ruler Venus follows along on the 25th. This is likely to bring a new flow around work, health and daily activities, and spiritual path. Connect with what lights you up and fuels you.

The Full Moon on the 27th falls in this house, highlighting these themes. Allow it to illuminate what’s meaningful for you or what blocks you from being of service to others – and to yourself.



Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Your ruling planet Mars are trotting through your one-to-one-relationships, making some face off’s (squares) to the planets in Aquarius and your house of home, security and the past.

Here you’ll also find Mercury retrograde for the first 3 weeks – the planet ruling communication and meetings. Meh-feels and frustrations may creep into your mind and body because you feel cut off or isolated from the people you love. If so, this is where you to turn to selflove and nurturing. What makes you feel secure? At home? This is your true foundation – afterall, home is where the heart is. And to you, community and belonging to groups could be one of those places.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything alone. Reach out to your family (or your ancestors), or social communities if you need a little comfort or company. Gather up on zoom or have a facetime dinner-party! Ideally do so around the New Moon on Feb 11, AND in particular on Valentine’s day. This could be the days that’ll see you manifest partnerships of your dreams.

Just be aware and cautious with the words you choose to use – in particular with those close to your heart and soul. Expect some disagreements; respect and have compassion for yourself and others during this time. Speak from your heart.

End of the month, the focus shifts to the creative, fun, sexy and pleasureful sector of your chart, when the sun enters Pisces on Feb 18. Make your happiness and joy a priority, take up a hobby and ensure you play as well as work. Explore something new when your creative juices are in full flow.

Love planet Venus enters Pisces on the 25th and the Full Moon in this house on the 27th feels both social and romantic for you. This is a reminder to embrace love and life and feel the depth of your emotions. Don’t be afraid to come out from the depths where you might tend to be, and claim your sparkling (sexy) self. 




Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Short journeys and neighborhood events are highlighted now. This can be done online too! You are likely to feel a heightened need to connect with others, outside of your own home. The idea is that you link with like-minded individuals, stimulate your mind and focus on positive outcomes. Especially around the New Moon on the 11th and Valentine’s Day, when lucky-and expansive Jupiter (your ruling planet), teams up with first Venus and then Mercury – who’s retrograde for the first three weeks btw.

This month casts a spotlight on your communication, writing and becoming a voice of authority. Have you been considering starting a new SoMe account and/or take on a more significant role in your community and neighborhood? Then spend the New moon setting those intentions. Perhaps there is a teacher-training course you’ve always wanted to enroll in?

Either way, use the Mercury retrograde to review your unique message – where can you rethink some things you thought were set in stone? How can you communicate your beliefs more clearly? Do some journaling and hold your Sagittarian horse-legs during the retrograde weeks – you want to make sure you’re aiming your arrow(s) from your heart center, before you give them wings to fly once Mercury moves forward again on Feb 21.

However, be cautious of your body’s need for rest and thought-free-space too.

Mars, the planet of ambition and determination, is making his way through your house of daily routines, work and health. Self-discipline is beneficial to achieve your goals. But so is rest and rejuvenation.

There will be times when less is more. Too much stress or overwhelm could quickly lead to arguments, especially around the 1st, 10th or 19th when Mars is unusually active. Try not to flare up or strike your bow at a wrong target! Words can have a damaging effect too, remember. So, try not to force your personal beliefs onto others, my idealistic and wise friend.

Once the sun Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, focus will shift to your house of home and foundations, your family life and connection to the past and ancestors. The Full Moon on the 27th highlights these as well, illuminating the need for balance between home / family and your career/vocation. Again, balance is key – and it starts with you and your strong, love-full foundation.



Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

It’s time to examine your personal finances and sense of self-worth. The major planetary focus comes from Aquarius and your second house of personal values and possessions.

During the New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th, six (!) planetary bodies are found in this house of your chart. Including Jupiter – the planet of abundance. Jupiter expands whatever he touches. You could receive a boost that prompts a new budget, or perhaps a big expenditure. But you also need to be ready for a reversal of fortunes. If you receive information about debt creeping in on you, reach out for support and help if needed. Stay open, positive, realistic yet receptive!

While money management is February’s theme, you also need to ensure that you undertake activities that boost your personal self-esteem. The two can be intricately connected, but don’t allow the size of your wallet to determine your worth.

Abundance comes in many forms, and you are a powerhouse and can achieve anything you set yourself out to. During Mercury’s three week retrograde in Aquarius, circle back to old projects and ideas. Who knows what gold might be waiting for you to re-connect with it?

This is highly advised, since passion-planet Mars is visiting your 5th house ruled by Taurus and square-dancing with the planetary party in Aquarius throughout the month. This action-planet, goal-getter is in your creativity house, all the things in life you love and give birth to. Need to let some steam out? Then channel the excess energy through creative projects, play, sex and pleasure.

End of the month, the Sun and Venus, the planet of relating, enters Pisces and your communication sector. How are you making genuine connections with other people, in particular siblings (soul-family), neighbors and your local community? Expand your reach and do what feels right.

During the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th in your 9th house, the theme of reconnection remains strong. Follow up on conversations or chase up past connections. Read more, watch movies and feed your imagination. This is a creative phase for you when you need dreams to believe in and people in your life who stir your soulful nature.



Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

The focus is on you this month, my friend! The portal is open – you are being reborn into a whole new version of yourself. You have so much to offer right now. It’s time for you to take responsibility for your influence on others, and heck YES – you do have influence!

Lucky Jupiter is active during the New Moon in your sign (Feb 11) so look out for new opportunities, signs and God-incidences around you. One the same day, jupiter teams up with Venus in your first house – promising for new (SELF)love – & Mercury on the 14th – promising for connections, and/or new ways of communicating and talking about and to yourself.

Use the 3-week Mercury retrograde in your first house of me-me-me to renew your vows to and beliefs about yourself.Review your situation, reassess how your show up authentically, where you’re heading and why. He moves forward come Feb 21, and so do you.

Yet, this phase could also coincide with a period in your life when you take on too much or you’re working overly hard. You may find that your mind goes into overdrive at times this month, especially if you’re reading lots of news, or getting involved in debates, talks and discussions – at home or on SoME in particular. Keep close tabs on your health, your attitude and well-being. Especially your nervous system!

On Feb 18, the Sun leaves your sign and enters Pisces, Venus follows along on the 25th, and you close out the month with a glorious Full Moon cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the horoscope on the 27th. 

This Full Moon is an ideal time to make a key decision around money and your sense of selfworth and personal values. Is there something dimming your self-esteem or abundance-magnet? Use this Full moon to cast a light on those areas. This could be linked to your home and family, your past or where you come from.

On the flipside, you may find that good karma is repaid on or around the Full Moon and see your goals from 6 months ago manifest and reap the benefits of your work.



Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

The weeks before your birthday are always about reflecting on the past year when the sun visits the 12th and last house on the zodiacal wheel, before rebirthing yourself.

Early February sees you immersed in this process, particularly as the planet of communication, Mercury, is retrograde in Aquarius and this sector.

This is your chance to slow down and reup your spiritual selfcare and revisit some of the rituals, healers or practices you know help keep you grounded, clear and peaceful. Allow yourself time to switch off, unplug and step back from the news or social media.

Not everything will work out now but that’s the way with Mercury retrograde. Think about what you’re letting go of and what’s coming to completion. The planet will turn around once more on Feb 21, when the Sun has made his move into your sign of Pisces already on Feb 18!

The key is to slow down enough that you can hear the messages that are being conveyed from within your own psyche and from others. Trust the vibes you are getting this season. Energy does not lie. 

This is especially important around the days of the New Moon Feb 11. Dream on, baby. And, eventually you’ll see that as things change within you, things are seriously changing outside of you.

However, there are certain ideas, people or projects that could pull you out into the world during the month with action planet Mars and ground-breaker, shake-up planet Uranus in Taurus and your communication and neighborhood sector. You may want to add your voice to what’s going on in society or the world around you, feeling fired up and ready for action.

On Feb 25 the planet of love, art and beauty, Venus, moves into your sign too, bringing the potential for a creative and fertile period. Inspiration is everywhere – use it to hone your personal goals.

The Full Moon on 27th happens on your axis, falling your relationship house, marking the potential for heightened energies around love and other one-to-one relations in general. This could either be a time to reap what you’ve sown in your relations or be a time to review and consider how/if you’re contributing to the good vibes and health in your partnerships.




This page will be updated every month, so make sure to bookmark it – and remember to share it with your friends and family, and frenemies too, pass on the good vibes…




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