About The KindInside Chakra Mantra Deck

This colourful, magical and modern deck can help you… 

little_logo_flower_universe See yourself in a new light 

little_logo_flower_universe Balance out your Chakra system

little_logo_flower_universe Find healing during emotionally challenging times 

little_logo_flower_universe Get clarity and make confident decisions 

little_logo_flower_universe Connect with your dreams and desires 

little_logo_flower_universe Be more playful and creative 

little_logo_flower_universe Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual




1 ) Get the deck out, d’oh. Close your eyes. Breathe. Be still. Focus your attention.

2 ) I personally always start by saying: Dear Universe… and then…

3 ) Ask a question like:

little_logo_flower_universe What energy will support me today?

little_logo_flower_universe What energy will help me living my dream?

little_logo_flower_universe What energy center needs a little TLC?

little_logo_flower_universe In what area am I blocked?

little_logo_flower_universe What will help me feel happier right now?

little_logo_flower_universe What is the message for today?

little_logo_flower_universe What will help me get through this challenging time?

Or anything you can dream up!

4 ) Then shuffle the deck. Wait for one to pop up or pick the card that you feel drawn towards.

If one falls out on its own trust there is a higher meaning. The Universe knows what message you need to receive – and sometimes that may  ūüôā 

5 ) Reflect on the card and read the inspirational message.

The border color and chakra symbol tell you in which area of your body you should point your focus towards.

little_logo_flower_universe What insights does this spark for you?

little_logo_flower_universe What actions can you take to embody this wisdom in your day, your week, your life?


Keep the card with you for the day, put it where you will see it often, or simply put it back in the deck and carry it in your thoughts.

There is no wrong way to do this!




The story behind

Once upon a time… there’s was a middle twenty-something woman on the rock bottom of her life, knocked down by mental stress, with several physical disorders and constant pain, a broken heart realizing she was on the totally wrong path. And with no stability at all – out of money, no place to call home and without a job.

Through consultations with a personal coach specialized in holistic health and pilates, I got to learn about he chakra system. And clearly, my was spinning out of whack like a merry-go-round on crack!

As I got into this stuff to heal myself I started to get sentences popping in during my different meditative practices. Over the next months, it had turned into several mantras on little slips of paper, from which I would pull a card each morning to have some sort of focus point for the day.

And gosh did it help me. I knew I had to share it with you, with the world.

So here it is. A complete deck of 48 inspirational mantra cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. To restore your chakra system and give you the confidence, the awareness and life energy that will help you navigate feeling kind inside through all parts of life.

Each card consists of a unique healing message, specially aligned to each of the seven chakras.  These mantras come straight from my heart and imagination.