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Full Moon in Pisces – Take a break and dive deep

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

Are you ready to take a break in the blue, green, turquoise colored waters of your subconscious? To dive deep into dreamland and soak up in the emotions, swimming among the wavy dreams, the unspoken and unexpressed feelings you hold within.

Ruled by the Queen of Cups, the Pisces Moon on the 26th of August asks us to walk with spirit as our most intimate companion. With ourselves, that is.

With the sun’s move into Virgo (opposite the moon) a few days before the full moon in Pisces on the 23rd of August, you may feel the pull to dance with your perfectionism. That’s the way to unlock the treasure boxes loaded with wishes, visions, and goals, and manifest what you want, right?

Your Virgo knows that while you may be good at what you do—you are not that good! There’s room for progress, perfection and ‘betterness‘ in all areas of your life (look to the house in your chart that Virgo rules for specific guidance. Don’t know which house? Check it in your free chart here).

But with the full moon in dreamy Pisces, your fishy-friends are here to save the day.

To help you dream and prevent the bitterness that the typical Virgo-vibe of “good, but not good enough” can leave you with.

Cards pulled for the full moon in Picses
Cards pulled for the full moon in Picses

Take a break and dive deep

Under this full moon in Pisces it’s a time to rest in the temple of life, taking a breather, to go within and bathe in the sacred chambers of your soul.

You need time to be with her to listen and discern all that you are moving through, what we have accomplished over the past 6 months, and to soak in the dreamy waters of what remains on your bucket lists.

What have the done-mark /crossed/star or whatever method of “mission accomplished”-sign you sware by next to it? What is still left to be worked on? And what stopped you from fulfilling this dream at this time. No shaming, no blaming – just reflection and compassion. 

This pause is luckily supported by La Luna’s sextile to Saturn saying it’s perfectly okay to drop anchor here for a while! Saturn digs deep, works deeper to transform and mature you. Remember, there’s your timing (ego-diming) and divine timing (soul-timing). Perhaps these goals or you just weren’t mature yet to harvest the full capacity of what you are actually able to get.

In this sacred space, you are able to discern all that you are moving through and have been facing during this (crazy!) year – It’s about getting underneath the wants of the ego and uncovering the needs and dreams of the inner child.

Surrender to your emotions 

Since Pisces rules the elements of water, it’s likely you feel a little more sensitive during this time. (I know, I do). And that’s okay. Emotions are really just energies in motion.

Ya, sure the energies can be tricky, but do remember: Even the hardest rocks and mountains are transformed by the water’s deep-hidden strengths.

Thus this is the time to surrender and embrace any feelings of sudden “openness” or transmutation that may account in the oceans of emotions.

The Queen of Cups knows exactly how to do it – and so do you.

All that’s happening within (or without) is happening for you, so you can make the choices that will nourish you to the depths, and lead you to spend some quality time with the self – the God within.

Whatever comes up, it is never for nothing; It is always for something!

As always, with love

Decks used: The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid + Work your Light by Rebecca Campbell. 

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