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Feng Shui: 5 Tips To Bring Abundance Into Your Life

5 tips to bring in abundance according to Feng Shui

Is your piggy bank starving, your finances getting you down and opportunities pass you by? Maybe your wealth energy is blocked.

And I certainly know for sure how that feels. It’s draining AF! In Tarot terms, such situations are associated with the 5 of pentacles. So what to do about it? How can you bring abundance into your life again?

While actually doing some sort of work for money is obviously necessary in this capitalistic world, shadow work and an honest look at your limiting belief-systems are proven to be just as important. Need help to uncover those? A tarot reading can help you.

But eventually, there comes a time when knowing your deepest blockages isn’t enough. You need to get out of the mind and get the energetic frequencies around and inside of you flowing too.  

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is one great way to open up those energy channels so you can attract more abundance. It’s easy to do and you don’t have to invest a lot of cash (which you don’t have earmarked for that atm) to pull it off.

Just follow these simple “cures” for each area of your house or apartment and be open to change!


1) Welcome Prosperity – The front door and entry hall

The front door is where everything enters into your life. Thus it should be welcoming abundance too.

At the main entrance to your home, hang three Chinese coins – tied together with red ribbon – on the door handle. If you go totally DIY, cut the ribbon into 9- or 18-inch lengths, since the number three is key to wealth in Feng Shui. You can find Chinese coins or pre-tied coins in most Asian grocery stores or woo-woo shops. 


If you are in a Chinese store or surfing the net for Feng Shui items, look for a three-legged frog too. Sometimes they come with a coin in their mouths, or you can put one in to make them more potent.

These cute little figures attract good fortune, and the ideal place for them is diagonal from the entry, under a table or desk.


Also, be sure the door opens fully without anything in its way. (This is a good tip for every door in your house). Be sure there aren’t any squeaky hinges, clean the handle and eventual glass, and consider painting the door red.

Red is a good color for prosperity and brings some color to life in general. Make sure your entrance walkway is well-lit and free of clutter. Place flowering plants along it – red is the best color – and group them in – you guessed it – threes!


2) Freshen up every room

Feng shui is all about being neat and clean, so plan on giving your entire house a once-over. Getting rid of the old will help you attract the new, so throw out or give away anything you don’t need. My BFF, minimalist and zero-waste expert, Cecilie Blaksted has great tips and easy-to-follow strategies to snatch in this regard.

Make special places for items that tend to get strewn around so you can keep your space orderly. Remember: clutter is a big feng shui no-no because it blocks chi (positive energy).

You can brighten up the energy in any room simply by moving the furniture and smaller knick-knacks around. Get in the habit of moving 9 – 27 things around every third week to keep the wheels spinning.


3) Bring in the plants

Living plants are great for wealth, so fill your house with them. Round leaves are preferable because they resemble coins. Invest in the Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Money Tree.

A beautiful plant that’s easy to care for and beautiful to look at. Jump to the Guide To Houseplants-website to get the low downs.

When the New Moon falls in your second house of personal finances, I recommend you plant a coin alongside new sprouts (or your money tree) and tend to it over the course of the next six months. The joy it brings to see the growth and follow it into its blossoming by the corresponding full moon gives you a feeling of satisfaction and abundance – and makes you subconsciously care and tend to your wallet too.

If you work at home, hang a chime from the ceiling above your work area to attract good chi, wisdom, and success.

African violets are auspicious for wealth, especially those that have red or purple flowers, as red and purple are colors associated with wealth. If you have some early morning or late afternoon sun in the southeast area of your home.


4) Energize your wealth sector – The Southeast Area

Inside your home or apartment, locate the southeast area. This is the prosperity sector, a great place to create a small altar-like area where you can place special objects. Strew some Chinese coins (like them on the entry door) on your altar and install a water fountain to keep your abundance flowing. Group trios of objects – from cinnamon sticks, to crystals like yellow citrine or malachite and green candles – to enhance your good fortune.

Make a vision board and hang pictures of things you want to buy in this section. If you have a vacation or new home in mind, place images of that place on your altar.

Consider placing a fish tank in this area too. Every time you feed your new little friends, think about abundance feeding you. Alternatively, hang pictures of fishes. Let’s be honest, Dory, Nemo or Flounder can brighten anyone’s day!


5) Kitchen and Bathroom

The stove is the most important item in your kitchen, as it is associated with wealth. Thus keeping it clean and in proper working order is the key ingredient to keep the wheels of abundance spinning. Consider hanging a mirror above it to multiply the number of burners.

Do also remember to alter the burners you use as they each represent a different area of your life. No favorites here!

In Feng Shui, water in the house can wash away money chi, so all of your water facilities require attention. When you aren’t using your sinks, plug them with rubber stoppers to keep money from flowing down their drains.

Earth tones, like light yellows and beige, symbolically dam water, so consider using them for the walls or floors in your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry rooms. You’d think that blue and green would be good for the bathroom, but too much water isn’t beneficial when looking at life with a Feng Shui perspective.

One of my favorite tips (among many though!) from Feng Shui master-heroin, Anjie Cho, is about the bathroom. Get in the habit of keeping your toilet lids down when not in use AND when flushing. You’re literally dumping waste out of your system and flushing it out – don’t let any of it slip its way back in. Also, don’t leave the door open to the bathroom. 

Ready to get started? Once done, pull out a chair, sit back and enjoy your revamped holistic space and watch the flow of abundance into your life (… and do show up joyfully and do the work with more ease and peace).

Let me know how it goes! 


As Always, With Love


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