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Easy practical ways to mother yourself right now

With the love for all things Motherly still wearing in the skies after the Mother’s Day and the sun dancing its way through last degrees of Taurus, the sensual, focused, sometimes stubborn, yet grounded and luxurious sign of the zodiac; I thought what better time to use this energy to focus on how to mother yourself?

While there are several mother archetypes, today’s post will be focusing on two specific aspects to show you easy and practical ways to mother yourself right now and every day; the nurturing mother and the ruthless mother.


Easy practical ways to mother yourself right now: Embodying these mama-types

The Nurturing Mother:

This is the mom who tucks you into bed at night, makes sure to have your favorite and nutritional food in the fridge and reads you bedtime stories. She makes sure you feel at ease and relaxed and cared for whether you’re sobbingly sad, seriously stressed or you’re vibrating so high you fly across the sky. You know she’s your biggest cheerleader no matter what you do. As a result by implementing these simple techniques laid out below, you will soon start to see how you can become this to yourself too.

The Ruthless Mother:

So this mama is the one who you’ve probably rebelled against during your teens (and adulthood!). She is the one who watches you complete all your homework, and are on your shoulder’s reminding you to check your bank account, go to the doctor, etc. She pushes you to go places you’re feeling afraid/lazy to go to.

The ruthless mother asks you the challenging questions even when you don’t want to hear them.

When you get the f-ing feeling of wanting to shut close the door in her face, you know it’s that archetype visiting your space. While she may be annoying, you will eventually come love to have her being a part of your inner mother-self.




Nurturing Mother Rituals

The most realistic times to tap into this archetype is in the morning and evening time. Below are some very easy practical ways to get started right away. It doesn’t have to be each and everything every day, instead, try to pick and choose from the suggestions as you see fit. Once you start getting into the flow of things, you will find that it doesn’t require that much time and effort to take motherly care for yourself. But do remember that rituals are to be repeated. 


AM – Morning Rituals:

> Give yourself a span of time to relax and ease into your day instead of rushing out the door. This may require you to get up 30 min earlier, but it is so worth it. 

> MAKE YOUR BED! Just fucking do it – I promise you you’ll see a difference in your mood.

> Taking (not just making it!) time to beautifying yourself

Allow time for longer showers, face masks, and skincare routines. Make-up and dress up even on the days when you don’t feel like it. Play around with adding essential oils, luxurious underwear and start wearing crystals.

Because Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and rules your personal values, you can harness its energy and make the most of it when you keep your sense of self-worth in check. 


> Looking in the mirror and saying “I look GREAT!”

Taurus rules the throat chakra aka your communication center, what you say and what you hear. This includes the conversations you have with yourself! This makes this time a great time to check in with the words you use and how you talk about and to yourself. 

If this instantly makes you question whether you’re right, or don’t feel ready yet, then skip it for now. The last thing you want to do is to wake up your monkey mind and start a battle of whether or not this statement is actually true.

Instead, send yourself a smile! I know how fucking hard this can be if you are uncomfortable in your body right now for whatever reason. As I was recovering from severe anorexia it took me three months with my therapist holding my hand just to say “Looking great”… And even longer to add the “I”. Be patient with yourself and give your inner child the compassionate and infinite love from your inner nurturing mother.

> Complimenting yourself and express your gratitude. Obviously, this follows in the line of above, but even further it points to the bull being the zodiac sign governing your personal values.

Reminding yourself of all the things that are good and right in your life right at this moment. If you’re stuck in a rut or at rock bottom dealing with depression or self/life-hating, body-shaming thoughts and the like, start small. No need to turn into another Pollyanna or happy-go-lucky.

One way to start could be by expressing gratitude for your pinky toe or a vertebra in your spine or for the internet connection that made it possible for you to read this post. (Real-life examples from my personal journal during dark hours in my life).

Eventually, you will feel ready to add a knee or your beautiful eyes or the kind gesture you did to someone else or someone did to you during the day. Everything counts!

The Kind Inside Chakra Mantra deck was actually created from this place, which you can read more about here.

Filling your space with fresh flowers and plants, your fav crystals and gemstones, diffusing essential oils and listening to your favorite music, guided meditations or kundalini music (my jam atm).

Since the body has its own frequency which ebbs and flows depending on your inner and outer environment, adding in higher vibrating energy from living material and sound frequencies is an easy (and pleasent!) way to raise your vibration immediately. As a result, you will feel much better and start attracting more of what you desire and people at the same high note. It may sound a bit woo-woo, but actually, it is plain straight physics and biochemestry.



PM – Evening Rituals

> Embrace your inner masterchef. TAKE DINNER SERIOUSLY. Cooking yourself some nourishing, mouthwatering food at home and splurge on the seasoning to nurture your taste buds. Taurus rules the senses and is fed by all things pretty, aesthetic and aromatic – think about the Disney Bull, Ferdinand. 



> Putting yourself to bed at the same time and setting up the room in a way that relaxes you. Making sure your room/space is clean is a game-changer for the quality of your sleep. Why? 1) it puts your mind on chill and calm-mode by freeing up space in your environment (don’t worry, you don’t have to go all Monica Geller each night!), and 2) it ensures you won’t stumble into stuff in the middle of the night if you have to get up to use the bathroom.. 😉 

> Schedule in some down time prior to bed and give yourself a massage or gau sha-treatment, lay with your feet up the wall or in savasana on the floor (helps align your vertebras, relaxes your back extensors while calming your nervous system).

> Sleeping naked or in your favorite py, covered in some luxurious (and eco-friendly!) bedsheets and linings. Make sure your bed and pillow actually feels comfortable and suits you. 

> Diffusing essential oils. Try placing a few drops of lavender, cedarwood or vetiver (sleep enhancing and super relaxing) on your wrists or pillow to soothe and calm down your senses even more. This combo puts you to rest like a princess!


Ruthless Mother Rituals




> Holding yourself accountable and making a calendar that includes putting in your-time by scheduling workouts and self-care practices (AM+PM time) is what this mother would do. Remember when you were a kid and had planned activities? It still works!

> Waking up in the morning + going to bed at the same time as often as possible. This helps your body get into a rhythm and natural flow. Again schedule it in your calendar and plan ahead. Since studies have shown that sleep during the hours between 22.00 and 02.00 is the most important for the body’s regeneration process, setting a reminder at 21.00 /9.00PM can be helpful.

Once you get more in tune with your body, you’ll want and desire your bedtime practice and may even crave staying in instead of going for drinks on a Thursday! 

> Asking yourself the hard questions: These prompts are all related to the Taurus Season in general, but also useful whenever you have transits in your 2nd house or in the sign of Taurus in your personal birth chart. 

  • What do I value and what matters and brings me joy?
  • What feels incomplete in my life?
  • How am I communicating with others? 
  • Where am I not showing up? 
  • How can I work better? 
  • How am I using my energy?
  • Where and how can I treat myself more? 
  • What is my relationship with my money and finances – check up on your spending/saving accounts? 


> Showing up in the relationships that matter even if you’re busy or feeling lazy (also a Taurian trade to chill and stand still to smell the roses and be stubborn in its comfort and what feels good)

> Spring cleaning your home with natural, organic ingredients. If you’re really up for a fun challenge then I highly recommend checking out Cecilie Blaksted – the Danish #zerowaste and DIY-healthy sustainable cleaning and beauty-expert (and a beautiful Taurus-babe, of course!). She has several funny and motivating tips and tricks, and challenges to help you start ditching what no longer sparks joy or suits your taste, style or body. 

> EAT your veggies – and the damn cake too! Aim for nourishing; quality over quantity with heaping dashes of beauty… But also allow yourself to indulge and enjoy foods that soothe your sweet tooth/teeth!

My absolute favorite indulgent is the delicious raw artisan chocoalte from UK-brand Octo Chocolate. The whole brand literally screams Venus & Taurus, who loves all things pretty, tasty and satisfying. And hands on heart, it is by far the best, richest and most mouthwathering chocolate I have ever tasted!! Type in MarieN10 and get 10% off your first purchase*.


Octo chocolate





Now over to you, my friend. What are ways you mother yourself? What feels effortless for you, and what requires lots of effort?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time.


As Always, With Love



Photo credits:
1. Uldissprogis

2+3. Yours truly, @Kindinside_com / Instagram

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5. Unsplash, Enis Yavuz

6. Octo Chocolate

* I am a proud affiliate and genuine lover of their products. 

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