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Big Announcement: I will be the LunarYoga Tarot Reader 2019

I am super excited to share a big announcement and juicy news today.

In 2019 I will be the monthly residential card-slayer aka LunarYoga Tarot Reader over at www.lunaryoga.tv.

If you aren’t familiar with this life-changing program, read on as I explain more.

Lunar Yoga 

LunarYoga is the go-to online temple for women who want to cultivate intuition, purpose, and connection by syncing their yoga practice with the cycles of the moon.

Each month consists of four modules, one for each lunar cycle focusing on a specific topic. You will get access to new yoga videos, guest speaker interviews, journal tips, and worksheets and meditations.

And from 2019 tarot readings with me.

The founder and host of the program is none other than Kassandra Reinhardt. Yes, the amazingly talented lady behind the famous YouTube yin yoga channel, Yoga With Kassandra. 

Lunar Yoga by Yoga with Kassandra

I have personally known Kassandra for a few years now, and actually, she was the yoga teacher who got me convinced of the tremendous benefits of yin yoga. 

There’s a reason she has already published her first book, have millions of views, +180K subscribers AND been featured in various magazines like Yoga Journal, WomansHealth Mag etc. 

Her gentle and guiding voice, lovely personality and the depth and power there are to be found in each video has made Kassandra my all-time favorite online yoga instructor.

I have been a member of Lunar Yoga since the early beginning in 2017 and the value I’ve gotten from this program cannot be described! I totally recommend you go check her channel out and sign-up right away.

A three card spread for the 3rd quarter moon

From January 2019 I will join the party, and let me tell you: I cannot wait to get started.

I will do a tarot reading on the 3rd quarter moon focusing on the theme of the month. It will be a simple three card spread on what to accept, what to forgive and what to learn.

In order to bring the energies without and above us, within, I will also use the KindInside Chakra Mantra Deck. 

Kindinside Chakra mantra deck

The chakra mantra card will provide you with a simple mantra or affirmation related to one of the seven chakras. When you recite and focus on a mantra you support the positive embodiment of the suggested lessons from the tarot reading. 

Why you want to work with the chakras

Working with the chakras is an overlooked, yet very beneficial way to take care of your own internal energy channel. Do you know when something feels off or out of whack inside? It might very well be because of one or more of the chakras aren’t functioning probably and vibrating at their highest frequencies.

I cannot tell you how many times I see my clients fast-track their way to success and better results in the material world when they start focusing and working with their energetic body. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the chakras and how they function, just drop me your questions down below or send me a message.

I also offer Chakra Balance Readings 101 – a 75 min session, where we dive into your individual energetic state and focus on how you can remove any blockages and re-create balance. This will help you live your life with more ease, while feeling aligned and kind inside.

I am so excited to share this big announcement with you and hope to see you next year in this positive-vibing LunarYoga community!

As Always, with love

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