I am Marie, a Danish native holistic and spiritual life coach, reiki healer, pilates instructor, astrologer, and tarot reader. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, I work with all sorts of people across the world – online, distant and in-person, helping them align their mind, soul and body with their unique intuition, and get the answers and solutions to their questions in life in order to fully thrive.



I believe we are all born with a unique possibility, capability, and ability to create and shape the lives of our wildest dream without ever having to compromise ourselves …


As I like to say:



My thing?

With a background in law, sales and business development working for international fashion brands, tech-companies, recruitment companies, and fitness & health coaches, I understand the masculine, money-driven, rational and answer-seeking world.

I know how it is to struggle and juggle the 9-7 jobs, being exhausted and stressed-out to the max unable to keep up boundaries for energy-vampires AND to self-soothe with self-sabotage rather than self-love! But more importantly, I have also learned how to turn these experiences around and break new ground. If it wasn’t for all the struggles and tough times, the doors to the spiritual, healing and intuitive-lead world wouldn’t have opened for me. It taught me how to listen to myself, to trust my gut and follow internal guidance.

Through a unique mix of tarot readings, astrology, chakra wellness, holistic health, my intuitive abilities, and proven manifestation tools, in my work as a holistic and spiritual coach, I build the bridge to the intuitive and feminine world.

And I can help you cut through the clutter and clear the way to make decisions aligned with your greatest goals and deepest desires. 



My story:

Yeah, all these positive beliefs are amazing and sound almost too good to be true. And for the majority of my life, I didn’t believe them either. As a logical, analytical thinking girl I needed some sort of approval. So life led me on a quest to find these answers. 

I grew up wanting to help and resolve, so of course, I went straight to law school and earned a fancy master’s degree in law at a young age. Yet, while I still had a keen interest in rules and my logical side of the brain was fed, something felt wrong all along. Somehow I ended up earning my money in all other areas; from dancing, acting and modeling to selling leather goods and design clothes in the luxurious fashion industry. From outside my life (and body!) looked impeccable. 

While the “perfectionistic” ego felt amazing with all the fuss and attention, my body started reacting physically and mentally. Little did people around me know about my internal daily battles: depressions, anxiety, and anorexia were a part of my life.

Each day something inside told me I was heading towards a direction that wasn’t true; that I had covered myself in so many labels that weren’t me. However, I chose not to listen. Afraid it was right… because then what?! What was I the supposed to do? And even more important: who was I supposed to be? So I took it out on my body instead and did everything I could to shut that voice down. 




Others would still come to me naturally for guidance, though, and like another Robin Hood I would freely hand out bits of advice as I had always done from a very young age. Throughout kindergarten, at school, in the office etc, I was offering my kind-consulting services to everyone with a question on life! With their new discovered answers and intuition they could go on and make decisions with more clarity, confidence, and self-esteem. 

I loved it. No matter the case – be it relationships, sickness, family or career and what have you. Because, born as an empathic, highly sensitive person, I understood and felt others from I was born – sometimes even clearer than they might do themselves. 


So my goal was to help and make at least one person a day feel free from suffering, happy about themselves and purely kind inside.


And it still is to this day.


Honestly, my life has been one heck of a tumultuous journey, and each and every day I surrender a little further and blossom a whole lot more. I believe I am traveling on this journey – on a no return ticket – for a very special reason (as you are too). 

It sure heck took a while (years… and still counting!) for me to truly grasp this, despite minor hintsNEON WARNING SIGNS along the road and several smackdowns and painful stumbles throughout the years. My life hasn’t been an easy walk in the park, though it has been filled with lots of fun times and amazing people and experiences.

I have struggled/juggled with everything from compulsive habits, a constant need to fix my body, “stupid boys & mean girls”, alcohol and food addictions, multiple depressions, self-hate, fucked-up relationships, life-draining jobs, bullying and a serve eating disorder that almost put my life to an end. But mostly, I battled and fought against myself and my deeper knowing. 

Eventually, I have learned to listen to that inner voice instead, to believe and trust in myself, and instead of trying to numb it down, trying to fix it and fit it according to the world – afraid it would interfere and irritate others or be wrong, I now dance to the rhythms of it while singing and shouting my soul’s words. Out loud!

This transformation has opened up the realms of magical manifestation and I have learned the (simple!) tools to attract and manifest exactly what I want – and more. I have attracted everything from dream apartments, pilates equipment (with great savings each time!), podcast-interviews, jobs, money, dates, the famous “right people at the right time”-situations, countless of discounts and the greatest one yet – a move to London, UK – from first visit to job + home + move within less than five weeks! It’s possible, I tell ya. When you are aligned with your truth. 

I have come to see those oh-so-famous silver linings in all the battles I’ve fought – they were here to show me who I am, to dis-cover my hidden self and how to be that person I truly am so that I can serve the world.




 And I’m here to help you to the same.

To find your song and the beats of your soul, and dare to sing along.

It’s time to go follow those dreams you keep inside

and get the answer to your questions, blocking your way

– You know them already,

and I know you are ready!




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