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Whether you feel mentally stuck, physically blocked or emotionally locked, 

I am here to hold space and help you untie the knots.


You are probably here because you need some clarity, validation or guidance on your path. Feeling disconnected from your core essence, inner knowing and intuition, you find it difficult to make decisions for yourself; let alone show up fully and authentically in your life. 

From random worries and stressful thoughts to the biggest decisions, it can all leave you with sleepless nights, self-doubt and manifest as diseases in your body. 

That is where I come in.

Working with me you will reveal the answers and solutions to your specific questions be it around your past, present or future – mind, body or spirit.



Through a unique mix of proven coaching tools, astrology, tarot and my intuitive abilities I can help you to align with the cosmic blueprint of your soul and discover personal purpose. Through my work I shine light on your situation and will spark your soul’s intuition as we apply inspiration to your current mission. 

You are special and you have the right to be supported where you are right now, with the guidance, assistance and in the exact way your mind, soul and spirit ask for. That’s why every session and offering takes its offspring in your personal situation and is tailored to give you guidance needed for your highest good right now. The kind of guidance you can’t find in a newspaper horoscope or an app. 

This is where the real Magick happens, as we blend the feminine inspirational with the masculine practical – all wrapped up in a modern, encouraging, straightforward, professional, and transforming way.


That, my friend, is the secret sauce to attract and manifest exactly what you wantand sooo much more.


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“The insights that Marie captured through the cards were incredible and really helped me to get an important understanding of my path, and the role of the travel I was embarking.

I am so grateful. As she taught me to say today in Danish “Tusind Tak” = “a thousand thanks”, that is what I give to her”. 

Stephanie Gailing, (US) International Astrologer + Published writer + Columnist for The Astrotwins + Wellness Consultant




“Marie is my go-to spirit junkie and personal development coachwhenever I need a clear answer or feel blocked in my life. Her readings and intuitive guidance simply hit a home run each time – whatever the topic may be.

Her no-time-for-bullshit readings are delivered in a kind, fun, and motivating way and I always leave feeling more connected and with a better understanding of myself. Simply the best guide you can get.”

Cecilie Blaksted, (Denmark), National Youtuber-Manager + Published writer + Sustainability Consultant



“I met Marie in London for an in-person reading, and I can only say it was an incredible experience. I highly recommend Marie to anyone looking for clear guidance and answers to their questions. She’s one of a kind”

Maddy Moon, US: Author, Coach & Podcast host of Mind Body Musings,

ranked in the Top 50 of All Self-Help iTunes Podcasts





“Marie!!!! omg. I don’t even know what to say! I read every word of the reading and I loved it all so much. What a lovely gift you gave me. Thank you again so much. 

You are a gem. I will never forget your kindness. xo Katie”

Katie Dalebout, (US) Podcast-host + Published writer + Mental Health & Wellness (cheer)leader 




“Marie is simply just awesome!! Her readings are always full of wisdom yet easy to understand and apply in real life. Her insights and guidance never cease to amaze me!

Marie has developed a unique method that allows you to embody the tarot cards and thrive through any astrological weather via tools like mantras, essential oils, and crystals!

Now I always carry the Kindinside Chakra Deck with me and use it in my classes. It just does the work. Simple as that.”

Kassandra Reinhardt, (Canada) Founder of Yoga With Kassandra, +1M Youtube Yoga Queen, Published writer



“Everything Marie talked about in our amazing reading and consulting session was EXACTLY what we journaled about a JUST few hours before we chatted, as well as new insights we personally have discovered and realized this year! 

Her reading was SO spot on that it was pretty crazy where she knew it from. But she just did.

We left the call totally in high vibe and believing more and more that things in our business are ok, even though we aren’t sure about things. 

                                       But we trust. With great thanks to Marie’s encouraging insights, support and guidance.”

Michelle and Lori Corso, (US) Wellness Mindset Life Coaches, Founders of Purelytwins.com



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