So what is tarot?

In our modern world Tarot is like a GPS that can give you direction for your life.

It can stop you from going down dead-end streets, and lead you directly to your desired destination by following the guidance you receive. Basically it works for all those things that you normally use a road GPS for.

If you think of your life as times when you go off in one direction and you go, “Oh God, why did I do that?”, often times it’s because you ignored the guidance you received. And so you have to retrace your steps, or start again, or whatever it all is. 

By tuning in with the help from the tarot as your guide, you can ask all types of question and get to know exactly where your “car” is on the map.

The spread “Where the heck am I” is special designed to do just that for you

“Where the heck am I”-reading


To keep the analogy-wheels spinning, you can say that the different cities or countries represents the different areas of your life – career, business relationships, personal, health, spirituality. Even yes/no-questions can be answered through the tarot.

Now I want you to remind you: YOU can be in control of this GPS.

Actually you’re the GPS!

The guiding system is your higher self, your intuition, spirit, soul sis/bro or what else you call it. And so long as you genuinely calm yourself and channel and bring in the wisdom of your higher self, that GPS will take you along the right track. Or show you where you shouldn’t go. 

A Modern day-to-day life with tarot

When we live out of alignment with our truth we experience all sorts of things. It can manifest into diseases in our bodies, depressions, stress, money-problems and troubles in our relationships. It creates instability in different areas of our lives.

Ok let’s be real. We feel like shit!

We strive to thrive, take ourselves through all sorts of challenges and experience endless obstacles. We hit brick walls over and over that knocks us down and stops the car from moving forward. Why?

Because it’s not the direction we’re supposed to go anyway. 

Now, you may start to see where tarot can help you?

Simply by asking the right questions you can get some navigation points (the cards) and plot them onto your map. Take control over that particular area of your life again. And even if you aren’t even aware of what area it is, that’s out of whack, I can help you clear the clutter and find out where your energy is lacking or overused, leaving your chakras and you out of balance. 

The time has come to fasten your seat belt and put that withborn driver’s license into play. 

It’s time to get those wheels spinning so you can live out your true dream.

And I’m here to join your along the ride, to teach you how to drive AND thrive through your life, while singing along to your favorite song and feeling kind inside in all parts of life.



I don’t use the tarot to predict the future as though it were cast in stone. That’s because your future is in your hands and you always have your own free will. If you want something to happen you can change your path accordingly. What tarot does do is give you possible developments based on current influences: Tarot is about direction, giving your intuition – aka your inner GPS – some guide points to navigate towards on your life journey.


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