Tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017

Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Cancer 2017

Kicking off the new year with a highly emotional moon taking place in the mother sign of the zodiac. In order to come around this the best way possible, today I give you the tarot reading for the full moon in cancer 2017. Full Moon in Cancer Do you feel a bit more sensitive than usually, yet determined to move and take action? We’re experiencing a very special and rare full moon as all planets are moving direct during this time for the first time in seven years. Wowzah, I know!  With all planets heading forward our egos may want to push our own agendas and forge ahead with will power. However, that would be a mistaken determination and be the exact opposite of the intention behind working with Miss Mother Nature.    So how do we use this energy to our advantage while remaining respectful of the need for release and emotional illumination?   Usually, a full moon makes us feel more powerful. However, when the moon shines brightly in cancer, we are reminded to be still!  There’s a time to advance and a time to retreat.   Cancer wants us to crawl back into our shells. In-wards we must go if we wanna […]