Tarot Readings

Burning question? Tricky decision


At a crossroads in your life and wondering where to go from here…?

Are you stuck in a rut and need to find a way forward…

Do you need clarity on a specific situation…

 You feel ready to face any challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for you…

 You feel called to uncover your personal power and potential….


A tarot reading can help you do just that. To make sense of what the f**k is going on in your heart and mind, AND find your own ways to move forward with clarity and confidence.

The cards are like points on your map and your intuition is like a GPS to your life. A tarot reading can help you live an empowered life with intuition as your guide.


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What to expect from a Tarot Reading

OK, so you’ve purchased a reading, sent me your question and waited 2-3 business days…. then what?

Behind the scenes I’ve worked my way through your spread and once completed, you will receive, by email, your very own personal beautifully well written and thoughtful reading.

It’s illustrated with close-up pictures of the cards and full of ideas for you to consider as you map out your next steps.

Every tarot reader has a different style.

From me, you can expect an intuitive, sensitive yet modern – straightforward written and queer-friendly reading. I’ll cut through the clouds and I definitely don’t believe in hiding the not-so-funny things: We’re bringing it all to the light so that it can shine! 

However I’m not here to scare you and you won’t see any assumptions, future tellings, scary forecasts or judgements. No way José – tarot doesn’t work that way (at least I don’t!).

My readings are always read and interpreted from a place of love, energy and blessed with stardusts of kindness. After all, that is what I’m all about.


As with everything in life, always remember:



  • and the tarot cards are here to help guide you

to find your own answers & truths



IMPORTANT: My tarot readings are all about helping you to find answers to your own questions. I do not believe that the cards predict the future and I will not tell you ‘what is going to happen to you’. I also will not tell you what another person is thinking or feeling. 



Legal disclaimer

Intuitive and divination services are no substitute for medical or legal counsel. I claim no authority as these readings are meant for entertainment purposes only, much like one may divine meaning and purpose from a published novel. I am not liable for what you, the buyer, chooses to do with the information given to you in your deliverables