Best Year Reading


Looking for a way to get the road map, clarity and support without spending thousands on coaching? 

The Best Year Ever hooks you up with an email reading + follow up 30 min Skype call once a month.

Exactly what you need if wanna make the next year the BEST year! And STILL be able to have your Starbucks coffee!

It will require for you to do some serious work on your life in the next 12 months, and I can guarantee  you it will be worth every single step.

This may be what you need if:
You feel stuck in your life
You want to be in a much different place this time next year
You wanna go hardcore with your (spiritual and) personal development 
You like my vibe and feel like I can help you with where you’re at

You don’t want to spend thousands on coaching sessions
You’ve been looking for some kind of coaching package but don’t have the money (this will teach you have to get them!)
You’ve got BIG PLANS for the next 12 months and want some support with it all
You’re starting your own biz, changing careers, moving countries, or going through a whole life make-over (or want to be!)

You want to seriously quorn beef up your happiness

You like hanging out on calls with me
You live for New Age Hipster email readings
You just totally resonate with this whole thing


How it works:

During the year we can look at loads of stuff – your life path and soul purpose, career, relationships, money stuff, past life issues, we can do some healing, releasing work, manifesting, whatever we need to do. I may come with different ideas, however if you want to have some “control” it’s totally up to you where we’ll point the focus and zoom in.

We can pencil in all our sessions in advance, otherwise I’ll email you on the first of the month to see where you’re at and what you need from me.

If buying as a gift a reading certificate can be emailed over to you. Cute!

This is a £120 saving on purchasing your readings throughout the year. OMG that’s like two free readings! and check out these killer bonuses:

Bonus One
An email reading on your Birthday checking in with the energies coming in for you! Make sure to include your birth-date on purchase!

Bonus Two
Buy any extra half hour reading during the year for just £20, or grab an hour session for just £50. That’s a saving of a tenner each time. Perfect for if you need extra support at certain times.

Bonus Three
A Birthday Present! On your birthday I’ll send you out a care package made up of goodies from my own store and my favorites around… YAY!


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