30 min Skype // In-Person Tarot Reading

£ 50.00

A 30 min session is ideal when you have a particular question that requires clarity NOW!

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With this 30 min session, we will access your question and dive in with a spread tailored to you. You are the one in control of the reading and I encourage you to take part in this reading. After all, I am here to facilitate the answers that YOU already have and hold inside. 

Some of the topics we can look at:

 Career // Business

 Love // Relationships

 Moving // Home

 Body // Health // Lifestyle

 Spiritual // Chakra

 Money (what blocks you or stops you from abundance)

…. and many more… 

General *

*Note: For general readings we will ask for a status of your current situation, however the more specific you can be in your question the better and deeper answers you can receive. However, sometimes it’s nice to simply touch base and see where the heck you are in you current life situation. 


In-Person: London, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark




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