Whether you feel mentally stuck, physically blocked or emotionally locked, 

I am here to hold space and help you untie the knots!


Hello, I am Marie, a Danish native holistic and spiritual life coach, body therapist, empath and healer with claircognizance abilities. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark but spend a good chunk of the year traveling, meeting with international clients in-person, hosting events or/and having a good time with my soul-family and friends in the mainly in the US, Canada, and UK.

And I have the pleasure of working with all sorts of people helping them align their mind, soul, and body with their unique intuition, and get the answers and solutions to their questions in life, work, business, and love.




My thing?

I believe we are all born with a unique possibility, capability, and ability to create and shape the lives of our wildest dream without ever having to compromise ourselves…

With a background in law, sales and business development working for international fashion brands, tech-companies, and fitness & health coaches, I understand the masculine, money-driven, rational and answer-seeking world.

I know how it is to struggle and juggle the 9-5 job in a draining office space, being exhausted and stressed-out to the max.

I know how draining it feels when you’re unable to set boundaries for energy-vampires.

And I surely know how bad you can feel about yourself when you self-soothe with self-sabotaging behaviors and habits rather than self-love!

(Wo)man, have I been at the rock-bottom many times stung by life – but mostly stapped by my self.

More importantly, I also know how to turn these experiences around and break new ground.

If it wasn’t for all the struggles and tough times the doors to the spiritual, healing and intuitive-lead world wouldn’t have opened for me.

At the darkest hour of my soul, I turned towards deep self dis-covery and went to pursue the feminine world of healing and “alternative” modalities. Those that I had always been (secretly) drawn to and fascinated by (did my first presentation on the star-signs at 6 years old, wrote a paper on the practice of kinesiology at 11 and had a vision of myself teaching pilates at age 4 – without knowing what pilates even was!).  The thing was, I had never learned how to deal with, own and embody my feminine side and abilities. I was instead told I was too sensitive, too moody and a real “Cancerians cry-baby”. But the talking-therapy I’d been encountering since childhood with severe depression sure helped to a certain degree, but it never cleared out the emotional pains and blocks stuck and trapped in my body.

 Spirit had a higher meaning and plan with it.

From the moment I was broken down I cracked open, and I knew in my heart I was called to learn these practices so I could help others. I had had enough of always ignoring my strong intuition and my feminine self.

This personal transformation taught me how to heal my body and deal with my life. Through listening to myself, trusting and re-connecting with my gut-feeling aka intuition I learned how to follow through on that internal guidance.

Turned out, following the guidance of my soul and place faith in spirit and the Universe was the secret key I’d been looking for my whole life! The key to unlocking my dreams and open up the realms of magical manifestation, where I now with (simple!) tools can attract and manifest exactly what I desire and need – and so much more. 

I know I am living the life of my dreams today because I previously created the life of my personal hell.



Imagine what would happen if you dared to say yes to your inner calling every time it dialed you up?



So why are you here – how can I help you?

Besides my with-born claircognizant, empathic and healing abilities, I hold diplomas and certifications in holistic health, functional medicine, chakra healing, and crystal therapy. I am an astrologer, life coach, tarot reader, reiki master (Usui Lineage), a fully certified Pilates teacher through Body Control Pilates (UK) and have studied body therapy through Chek Master Practitioner, Hanna Dalsgaard in Denmark.

Through a unique mix of the above, my intuitive abilities, and proven manifestation tools, I can help you build the bridge to your soul, your spirit guides and the realm of your intuition so you can make those decisions that makes you feel kind inside in all parts of life.

I am here holding space for you so you can:

  • End the battle and fight against yourself and the inner, deeper knowing you posses
  • Stop shutting-down out of fear of making a choice that will interfere and irritate others, or make a decision that is considered “wrong”
  • Cut through the mental clutter and end the debate with your mind
  • Get unstuck and move out of the rut because you are no longer afraid of the unknown
  • Dis-cover yourself and align with your core and who you really are / and desire to be
  • Easily make decisions aligned with your greatest goals and reach your deepest desires
  • Manifest your dreams one after another, over and over again


YES, All this is possible!

When you are connected with your truth and dare to openly say thank you to life. That is truly what makes you feel Kind Inside.


It’s time to go follow those dreams you keep inside

and get the answer to your questions, blocking your way

– You know them already,

and I know you are ready!



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