Kindinside is where you’re given the tools you need to tap into your intuition to get what you really want in life. 

As a client said:

“Marie is your personal “Donna (from Suits, red.) – She simply knows people, and this oftentimes better than they do themselves. Like a flashlight, she can help you shine the light on the dark, the hidden nitty-gritty stuff. As she did for me”

and another one…

“Through her consultations and tarot readings, she has helped me see clearer, transformed my eyes and as a result, I’ve landed my dream job, and attracted a loving girlfriend. Because I’ve become a happier version of myself after learning to follow and say YES to myself.” 


What I’ve come to learn by working with several clients is that we all have one thing in common: The need for direction and the answer to life’s biggest question: What’s the right decision for me in any given situation. 

And that’s where tarot and energy work comes in handy.


Tarot has the unique ability to tell stories, ask questions, illuminate answers, and bring fresh perspectives to challenges provides a concrete channel for adjusting to life’s timing.


My approach to this work is very modern. 


I embrace this work with a logical mindset, doesn’t wear a fancy hat or wave a magic wand. Instead, I mix my intuitive skills and tested tools to read, analyze and heal, and this enables me to help you see how the insights and gems revealed in the cards can be applied in your life.

There may be some serious energetic things happening “out there” in the Universe, and I’m always drawing on the astrological and spiritual realms. However nothing is ever set in stone, and I believe in free will. After all, life happens down here! So let’s make it an enjoyable time, shall we?

Over the years I’ve developed a unique set of tools that has helped me get to know myself and align my thoughts with my soul’s desires and dreams. 

And I’ve made it my mission to now share this with you.

If something feels outta whack in your life and you feel off, dulled down or simply lost without a clue on what your next step is, you can rest assured that I by using my intuition, my own experiences and an approved tool box to read, analyze and heal – will help you restore your inner balance and the energies around and inside of you – your chakras. 

With precise and accurate and humorous way of expressing life as it is I cut through the clutter, smack-down any bullshit and reminds you of who you really, truly are: 

An amazing rockstar soul, with a huuuuge potential and life purpose to fulfill.




My story:

Yeah, these positive beliefs are amazing and sound almost too good to be true. And for the majority of my life, I didn’t believe them either. As a logical, analytical thinking girl I needed some sort of approval. So life led me on a quest to find these answers. 

I grew up wanting to help and resolve, so of course, I went to law school and earned the fancy master’s degree in law at a young age. Yet it seems life (and my intuition) had other plans, and I somehow ended up earning my money in all other areas trying out different types of jobs; from dancing and modeling to selling leather goods and design clothes in the luxurious fashion industry. 

People would still come to me naturally for guidance, though, and like another Robin Hood I would freely hand out bits of advice at school, in the office etc, offering my kind-consulting services to everyone with a question on life. 

With their new discovered intuition they could go on and make decisions with more clarity, confidence, and self-esteem. 

I loved it. No matter the case – be it relationships, sickness, family or career and what have you. 

Because, born as an empathic, highly sensitive woman, I understood and felt others – sometimes even clearer than they might do themselves.

So my goal was to help and make at least one person a day feel happy and kind inside. And it still is to this day.


Honestly, my life has been one heck of a tumultuous journey, and each and every day I surrender a little further and blossom a whole lot more. I believe I am traveling this journey for a very special reason (as you are too).

It sure heck took a while (years… and still counting!) for me to truly grasp this, despite minor hints… NEON WARNING SIGNS ALONG THE ROAD – and several smackdowns and painful stumbles throughout the years. 

But eventually, I have learned to listen to myself, to trust that inner voice, and instead of trying to numb it down, afraid it would interfere and irritate others, I now dance to the rhythms of it while singing and shouting my soul’s words. Out loud!


 And now I’m here to help you to the same.

To find your song, and sing along.

It’s time to go follow those dreams,

and you know it already.