I am an optimist but also realist, and can see through the clutter

and to go directly to the source to spot the hidden gems

and profound potential (or lack thereof) in any situation, endeavor, or person


Hello, I am Marie, a Danish native cosmic consultant, development manager, spiritual mentor and holistic body therapist.

Born an empath, highly sensitive and with claircognizance, clairaudient and intuitive abilities, I’ve healed and served those around me since I was born. But it took me 25 years to finally come out of my cancerian shell and embrace my soul’s purpose, publicly. 

Before that I earned a Master degree in Law, moved to London and Chicago, were I was woking as an executive assistant and in sales and business development for international $ 1B tech-companies, luxury brands, and fitness & health coaches. I was successful on the outside, living out my ego’s ambitions and serving people doing something I was great at. It served me the greatest challenges and toughest lessons in my life. 

One thing for sure: I understand the masculine, money-driven, foundational, rational, competitive, ambitious and answer/solution-seeking world.

While hiding my truest self inside the spiritual closet, I spent my free time working and serving others with my woo-woo abilities and skills as I was building up KindInside.

Interesting enough, the majority of the clients that came to seek answers, assistance or to simply hibernate and recharge were the exact people I was working with or meeting in my day-job!

But whereas they in their 9-5 (more like 8pm) jobs were ‘killing it’ and successful, oozing of confidence, they often came to me outside of work with a:


“No one knows I am here. But something doesn’t feel right in my life

  • and I don’t dare to trust my intuition on this – let alone know how to hear the sound of it.
  • Please, can you guide me through this?”



That’s what made this vision of taking ownership of what’s so natural to me, jump the corporate ship and launch KindInside. Because the world needs the feminine intuitive to guide the way. Without it, no ideas, insights or creative projects will ever see the dawn of the day.


 It’s my soul’s mission to bridge the gab between the physical and the cosmic realms.

As above so below, as within so without. 


While I’ve known and been drawn to the languages of the cosmos aka astrology since childhood, I’ve come to obtain certifications as an astrologer, tarot reader, pilates teacher and instructor, aromatherapist, reiki master (Usui), sound and crystal healer. And I’m still continuing to learn and evolve in these fields as I go and grow onwards. What can I say, I am a sucker for and lifelong seeker of self-development, knowledge and widening the conscious horizon. The more I know, the better I serve.

Since coming out the spiritual closet, I now have the pleasure and honor of working with all sorts of people helping them align their mind, soul, and body with their unique intuition, and get the answers and solutions to their questions in life, work, business, and love.




My thing?

I believe we are all born with a unique possibility, capability, and ability to create and shape the lives of our wildest dream without ever having to compromise ourselves…




Imagine what would happen if you dared to say yes to your inner calling every time it dialed you up?


So why are you here – how can I help you?

You are here because you are seeking answers or direction in your life.

Perhaps you are sick and tired of the job you’re working in, but don’t know what or how to make the shift happen let alone in which direction you wanna go.

Or maybe, you feel called to start a new health journey and want to align with nature’s  energies and the cosmic cycles of the moon and planets (AND because you’re done with falling for yet another online weight-loss and workout routine that just doesn’t work for you).

Or perhaps you own a business and are ponding over your next offer or how to expand, your internal hiring process, or are getting grey hairs rooted in the uncertainty of a needed investment you desire to manifest.

No matter the blockade, this is where I come in.

It is through my unique and proven mix of the above blended with my intuitive abilities, and manifestation tools, I can help you build the bridge from your ‘earthly’ 3D experience to your soul, your spirit guides, and the realm of your intuition residing in 5D and above, so you can make those decisions that make you feel kind inside in all parts of life.


I am here holding space for you so you can:

  • End the battle and fight against yourself and the inner, deeper knowing you posses
  • Stop shutting-down out of fear of making a choice that will interfere and irritate others, or make a decision that is considered “wrong”
  • Cut through the mental clutter and end the debate with your mind
  • Get unstuck and move out of the rut because you are no longer afraid of the unknown
  • Dis-cover yourself and align with your core and who you really are / and desire to be
  • Easily make decisions aligned with your greatest goals and reach your deepest desires
  • Manifest your dreams one after another, over and over again


YES, All this is possible!

When you are connected with your truth and dare to openly say thank you to life. That is truly what makes you feel Kind Inside.


It’s time to go follow those dreams you keep inside

and get the answer to your questions, blocking your way

– You know them already,

and I know you are ready!



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