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You’ been guided here to get answers to your questions…

Because you’re tired of stressing around, struggling you way through the day. You know there’s more to life, and

you fancy more than your current life situation.

❊ You wanna live the life of your wildest dreams ❊


I’m here to empower you and support you

and teach you how to get exactly what you want





I’m a holistic lifestyle coach, energy healer, stressed-recovered intuitive cheerleader, who works with modern busy stressed-out souls helping them find the answers and solutions to their questions to get what they really want in life.


I’m all about digging deep to discover what your soul truly desires,

and then doing the work to make it a reality

without ever having to compromise yourself


Through an unique blend of life coaching tools, manifesting techniques, mantras and tarot I help them get out of the funk, banish the blocks and break free of stress and uncertainty to unlock their goals, dreams & strengthen their intuition. 

My secret lies in my different strategies – from easy daily practices to mindful fitness and simply living tips – all wrapped up in a joyful and kind enlightened manner.

And since you’re here, it’s likely you’re on the same quest

And I will show you exactly how to do it easily so that you can manifest your hearts desires without ever having to compromise yourself.  

Heck yes, YOU can have an awesome kick-ass life

with your self as your guide

AND feel kind inside while living it!






You’ve been guided here because you want more for yourself than your current life situation. You find yourself smacked down by life, stressed out and worried about all the stuff you were supposed to be doing and have by the age of _______! That perfect relationship? career? family? house? an over-floating bank-account? 


What would your life be like if you could feel your

healthiest, happiest,most clear, calm

and rockstar-confident self every damn day? 

To once and for all feel kind inside in all areas of life


Imagine what you could achieve? 




I’m a lifestyle coach and tarot reader who help others break free of stress & uncertainty to unlock their goals, dreams, & intuition. Through different strategies – from easy daily practices to mindful fitness and  simply living tips I help them stress less ad focus on what really matters and ignore the rest.


Using her gifts as an intuitive, Marie works one-on-one with awesome souls to help them uncover what’s blocking them from manifesting their hearts desires. Her secret to success lies in blending Life Coaching with Manifestation techniques, mantras and Tarot to help her clients uncover and transformation from the inside out.



Modern life has a tendency to challenge our bodies’ natural way of staying healthy. Sitting at a desk all day, ingesting the often unavoidable chemicals in our food, breathing the toxins in the air, and just experiencing the emotional stress of our fast-paced, information-heavy world can be very taxing on our bodies, and make us feel tired, anxious, wired, uncomfortable, and unable to relax or sleep.

The culmination of these combined invisible stressors can even make us sick. 

That is what happened to me. I got sick with chronic fatigue, depressions and everything in between, and when the doctors couldn’t help me, I sought other answers and found some truly magically effective exercises to help me overcome my troubles. Trough my own struggles I’ve come to find what worked to heal and overcome fatigue, physical pain and emotional stress.

And now I use in my practice to help you.

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